Thursday, November 19, 2009

New Addition To Botanical Gardens

This was an interesting article in today's paper. It looks like they are going to build an administration building at the Erie County Botanical Gardens. I just hope whatever they do maintains the feel of the park. The Botanical Gardens is one of the true hidden treasures in our area. It's ironic that the Olmstead Conservency built a 46 car parking lot on the property. This is the same group that opposed us letting the cars park at the Potters Rd. soccer field. At the time, they wanted parents and grandparents to walk from St. John's Church all the way to the fields. This was impractical and didn't fly.

This group does a great job with the parks, though. I just hope the new addition doesn't end up having a WalMart feel to it. One person commenting on the following article already doesn't like the look, but I think it's hard to tell from just an artist's rendition. Regardless, the Botanical Gardens will always be a great place to visit.

Botanical Gardens’ office building, greenhouses get construction start*

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