Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Update: The Guastaferros are Now Guastafelons

"I feel sorry for people who are not gorgeous people." Alicia Guastaferro

The Guastaferro's from Amherst make me sick. If you didn't see the clip from them from the show Wife Swap, I've included it here. What makes people sick is not the fact that they have money. Many people have money. It's that they think they are better than everybody else and went out of their way to pass it on to their daughter. The response this clip got from people was greater than anything else ever posted here. Some think the way they raise their daughter is a form of child abuse.

I guess what comes around, goes around. It looks like the federal government had been investigating the Guastaferros even before the show aired. It turns out the father was involved in a Canadian money laundering scheme involving 1.2 million dollars and the mother wasn't paying taxes on most of her employees. Perhaps someone else will have to do their precious little daughter's homework if they end up in jail. According to this story, they are so broke, they cannot afford to pay their own attorneys. This might be the only time you ever will see me taking the side of the government. I doubt it will happen but I'd really like to see these lowlifes get some jail time. If there's any justice, Amherst's loss will end up being be a local trailor park's gain.
‘Wife Swap’ couple admit money laundering : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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