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crime stats 11/2-11/8

Duerstein St. and Trowbridge St. are represented again (of course). Subway restaurant on William (by post office) was held up at gunpoint. Bertha St.(with it's two houses) even made it on the list. Bertha runs off of South Park Ave. right before the old steel plant. Also, stay away from 59 Smith St. I highlighted it for you.
Monday Nov 2nd

140 Sidway--Assault--1 arrest---Michael Rocklin...Kentucky st
769 S Ogden--crim mis--damage to house door---suspect listed.
93 Macamley--1 arrest--warrant---Jeremie Pennick...Macamley
343 Downing--ID theft--credit fraud over $1,000.
1926 Clinton st apt#2---Narcotics seized---Suspect Francis Tessina...1926 Clinton apt #2
77 Whitehall--Violation order of Protection--suspect listed.
40 Salem--trespassing--suspect listed.
1242 Clinton--crim mis--warrant card issued.
235 S Side--Violation order of protection--1 arrest--Julian Jones..100 E Tupper(City Mission)
1926 Clinton apt #2--crim mis--window broken.
94 Leddy--harassment--suspect listed.
141 Abbott--crim mis/tresspassing---1 arrest---James Pratt...Pries ave
133 Altruria--Burglary--large amount of household items stolen--suspect listed.
16 Peru--Burglary--windows stollen--suspect listed.

Tuesday Nov 3rd

225 Louisianna--Burglary--unk B/M,5'9",entered buisness and stole wallet from purse.
7 Mineral Springs apt#3--Burglary--suspect listed.
42 Gorski--Burglary--door forced--playstation,cash,dvd's stolen.
2058 S Park--larceny--dealer plate stolen...suspect listed.
Germanis/S Park--larceny from a truck---tools stolen.
69 S Side--UUV--suspect listed.
1926 Clinton--apt#2--Narcotics--1 arrest--Francis Tessina--arrest for drugs & weapon(knife)
28 Remington--RUUV
1926 Clinton--1 arrest--Drugs---Vincent Mcallister--Mineral Springs
1 Botanical Gardens--1 arrest--Drugs--Adam Likos...Marilla st
1273 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs---Jose Martinez..1205 Seneca(lower)
441 S Division--assault--suspect listed.
1205 Seneca--burglary/Home invasion from 11-01-09--Jose Martinez picked from photo lineup---arrested

Wednesday Nov 4th

1706 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
39 Geary--Burglary--back door kicked in--computer monitor stolen
122 Spaulding--Burgalry--2 laptops,camera stolen
127 S Pontiac--attempt larceny---W/M,60's was in yard taking pop cans
79 Stevenson--larceny--social security check stolen--suspect listed.
110 Orlando--larceny--meds taken from apartment.
Arbour lane/Eden--larceny/Obstruction--1 arrest---Brian Yox...Trowbridge
49 Kirkover--2 arrests--drugs---Peter Frontera,Timothy Hall

Thursday Nov 5th

33 Columbus--Crim Mis--1 arrest--Antonio Rivera..Abbott rd--
Bolton/S Park--Grand Larceny--large amount of items stolen froma truck--recovered a large amount of property at 853 S Park with 4 arrests---,Brigamir Diaz,Javier Pagan,Eddie Rivera,Edmanuel Gonzalaez-Diaz.
24 Downing--1 arrest--warrant--Edward Wheeler...Downing st
6 Yale--forcible touching--suspect listed.
OConnell/Sidway--harasment--warrant card issued.
Sirret/Hopkins--crimm mis--bumper damaged on car
144 Milton--crim mis--window broken.
11 Downing--assault--suspect listed.

Friday Nov 6th

72 Pulaski--Burglary--suspect listed.
1285 William--(Subway)--attempt Robbery--W/M,6',blue hoody,blue ski mask,silver semi auto handgun with white grips..employees ran out back door after seeing gun..suspect fled.
81 Troupe---Burglary--2nd floor window enterd from laddr...small safe stolen.
10 Paul pl--crim mis/larceny by former tenants after eviction by Marshalls office.
80 Fulton--crim mis/larceny from acar--window broken-- radio stolen
80 Fulton--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--GPS stolen.
80 Fulton--crimm mis/larceny from a car--window broken---CD's stolen.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Merisa Koenig...Brenner rd ..Angola.
16 Harding--stalking--suspect listed.
45 Van Rensselaer--crim mis--door damaged--suspect listed.
25 Kamper--Assault--warrant card isued.

Saturday Nov 7th

2133 S Park--shoplifter--W/M stole beer.
1727 S Park--Burglary--window broken'lottery drawer,lottery tickets stolen.
13 Roseville--Burglary--screen cut--purse stolen.
273 Barnard--crim mis/larceny from a car--radio/cd player stolen
568 S Park--larceny--suspect listed.
54 Pulaski--larceny from a car--2 wallets stolen.
69 Choate--larceny--front plate stolen.
64 Duerstein--assault--warrant card issued.
Tifft/S Park--1 arrest--poss of marijuana--Arthur Ames,,,Edson st
38 Trowbridge--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken--radio stolen.
9 Bond--theft of services--failure to pay cab fare---warrant card issued.
23 Britt--harassment--suspect listed.
121 Seymour---phone threats--suspect listed.

Sunday Nov 8th

1816 Clinton--UUV
266 Fulton--larceny-- light & registration stolen.
251 Weimar--larceny from a car--several items stolen from vehicle.
101 Woodside--larceny--bike stolen.
138 Dundee--larceny from a car--IPOD & change stolen.
344 Perry--Robbery--suspects listed.
1048 Clinton--Robbery--victim woke up at 59 Smith---stolen was $15,000 in cash and passport.
51 Marbeth ct--Assault--suspect listed.
122 Jefferson--Assault--1 arrest--Mark Crutcher...Jefferson ave
119 Cambria --crim mis
97 Cambria--crim mis
91 Cambria-crim mis
89 Cambria--crim mis
79 Cambria--crim mis
77 Cambria--crim mis--3 B/M teens did key cars while walking down street.1 6'--multi colored hoodie,2 5'5",black hoodies.
1735 Seneca--1 arrest--Alva Rinker..Leamington st
A District--crim poss stolen property--1 arrest--Kathy Meyer..Trowbridge
64 Duerstein--assault suspect--1 arrest---Colin Reap
52 Kingston---Assault--1 arrest---Melvin Jones
309 Swan--Assault--1 arrest--Douglas Pryer
9 Bertha--Assault--suspect listed.
25 Kamper--RUUV
Legion/Tamarack--crim mis--car window broken.
2340 seneca--Possesion of Knife--1 arrest---Louis Mendez..Lockwood ave.

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