Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bloomberg Buys New York City Mayor's Seat

New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg bought his reelection on Tuesday, defeating his unheralded opponent Bill Thompson 51-46%. All summer and fall, the New York media predicted nothing short of a landslide. Polls taken last week had Bloomberg winning by 18%. I guess they polled the wrong people.

Bloomberg spent $100 million on his reelection bid,an obscene number even by today's standards. That's almost as much as Brian Higgins spends on his "Washington" style haircuts. That's $180 per vote, if you're scoring at home. If you spend $100 million dollars and win by just 5% of the vote, you might as well just stay home and play with toy trains all day. Are you kidding me?

In order to run, Bloomberg persuaded the City Council to overturn an existing term limits law which limited elected officials to two terms in office. I can only imagine how much money this "persuasion" cost Bloomberg. I seriously doubt the founding fathers had this in mind when they created the government. They served part time and then went to work on their farms. These races today have gotten completely out of hand. The common man and woman have no say in government. Unless they publish blogs of course. At least Bloomberg hasn't done anything idiotic lately (like give Terrell Owens the key to the city).
Billionaire Michael Bloomberg wins third term as New York mayor - Times Online

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