Friday, November 13, 2009

Most Useless Group in the County

"Little Timmy" Kennedy, pictured here, makes $43,000/per year to kiss Brian Higgins ass on a regular basis and advocate for such controversial issues as texting while driving.

It looks like the county legislature is looking for a new leader. I have no comment on that process. What's the difference? The legislature is a complete waste of tax dollars. They serve no real function. I've written before about how "Little Timmy" Kennedy is merely Brian Higgins' poop boy. Anybody with half a brain can tell you that.

If you are reading this and you voted for one of these entrenched incumbants, I have to say you're clueless. They make $43,000/year to do nothing. Literally nothing. Here is an excerpt from the full article in today's Buffalo News. It mentions Legislator Barbara Miller-Williams and talks about how, in addition to being a county legislator, Williams also works as a full-time Buffalo police officer and a US Army reservist. If she does these two important things, how many hours per week do you think she is devoting to being an Erie County Legislator? Yes, the answer is not many. "Little Timmy" Kennedy probably doesn't even know how to get to his district office. These imbeciles should be making about $5,000/year. They do absolutely nothing and you and I pay their salaries:
Miller-Williams works as a Buffalo police officer and serves in the U. S. Army Reserve, but she is in the process of retiring from the police force and says the time required for the Reserve is small.
Full article:

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