Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pat Thomas (1895-2009)

Pat Thomas, the oldest person ever born in the US died yesterday in a Williamsville nursing home. She was 114, just two years older than Buffalo Bills owner Ralph Wilson. These are a few interesting things I gathered from a Buffalo News article regarding her life:

-Mrs Thomas lived through three centuries. She was the last person in WNY to witness the Bills win a league championship of any kind.

- The staff at the nursing home said Mrs. Thomas had been more energetic the last couple of weeks. "Very animated, very vocal, very alive", according to one staff member. I found this to be the most interesting part of the story.

-Her husband died in 1982. The two had met in Kindergarten.

-Mrs. Thomas claimed the secret to her longevity was always washing her hands and face as soon as she arrived home from anywhere.

-Mrs. Thomas was there on August 6th, 1899 when Bass Pro announced they would be opening up a new store in Buffalo soon.

-She said in a recent interview that she never missed an episode of her favorite TV show, Sanford & Son. Ok. I made that part up.

-Mrs. Thomas was an avid gardner, however, she never held a job or worked outside of the home. Upon hearing this, US Congressman Brian Higgins said, "Wow. In my incredibly privileged life, I've never had to apply or work at a job either. Maybe I'll live to be 114, too."

Rest in peace Pat Thomas. I have to go wash my hands now.
Oldest person born in U.S. dies in Williamsville at 114*

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