Saturday, November 7, 2009

crime stats 10/26-11/1

Monday Oct 26th

Clinton/Fenton--Robbery--1 W/M,2 B/M's,masks & hoodies..threatened victim with knife..took $11.00..fled North on Weaver.
S Park/Bloomfield--Robbert--victim assaulted .hat stolen.
261 S Legion--Burglary--building entered with stolen.
261 S Legion--Burglary from 10-18 to 10-19---cash stolen.
2267 S Park--Theft of Services--account opened in victims name without permission.
155 Bailey(NOCO)--shoplifter--1 arrest--Christopher Wiesner...S Park
157 Amber--larceny--cell phone stolen
36 Clio--harassment--suspect listed.
104 Woodside--harassment--suspect listed.
983 Exchange--harassment--suspect listed.
306 Cable--Assault--1 arrest--John Malinowski...Cable st
1205 Seneca--1 arrest--drugs--Jose Martinez...Seneca st--8 bags Heroin,1 needle

Tuesday Oct 27th

2176 Seneca(Warehouse)--Burglary--rear garage door damage..unknow items missing.
Hillery Playground--Burglary--cable cut to concession stand--4 helmets,food stolen.
43 Ladner--harassment--suspect listed.
69 Weyand--Assault---1 arrest---Lauren Zeck
54 South st--harasment--suspect listed.
406 Dingens--harassmnet--warrant card issued.
1926 Clinton apt #2--2 arrests--drugs---Ellen Tucker...Coventry rd...Tonawanda,Jennifer Merrit...S Whispering ln...Hamburg.
193 Eden--Assault/crim mis--1 arrest--Brett Coughlin...Arbour Lane
Caz/Seneca--crim mis--bottle thrown at car.

Wednesday Oct 28th

Seneca/Babcock--Stabbing---Victim stabbed in arm..27 stitches...suspects listed.
654 Elk--1 arrest-----Amanda Harding --Troupe st---Larceny from junk yard,tresspassing.
701 Seneca--larceny--Laptop stolen
22 Pries--larceny--suspect listed.
43 Leamington--larceny--jewelry stolen--suspect listed.
2419 Seneca--UUV
75 Princeton--Assault--suspect listed.
276 Weiss--Burglary--door pryed...20"flat screen tv,IPOD,Camera stolen.
1619 S Park apt 4--Burglary--unknown entry--42 " tv stolen.
1743 Seneca--crim mis--damage to apartment.
111 Fitgerald--harassment--suspect listed.
119 B Fulton--Assault--1 arrest--Kevin Wilkes...Sherman st
688 Fulton--threats--suspect listed.
249 Babcock--crim mis--window broken...suspect listed.
688 Fulton--Reckless Endangerment/Drugs--2 arrests--Daniel Eckert,Jessica Craig...55 Loritabs recovered.
2330 Seneca--crim mis--steering column damaged.
Clinton/Babcock--Assault--unknown B/M punched victim in face.

Thursday Oct 29th

688 Fulton--Burglary--1 arrest--Eric Vonwald...Longnecker st
373 Mackinaw--Burglary--1 arrest--Mathew Popp...Buffalo st..Gowanda
117 Hayden--Burglary...ladder used thru stolen.
25 Kamper--UUV
167 Southside--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken...CD player and amp stolen.
1986 SouthPark(NICKS)--larceny--cash stolen from office.
1890 Seneca--larceny--2 dogs stolen from yard---1 pekinese-chuhuaha mix,1 Maltise--suspect W/F fifties.
Stanard/Louisianna--1 arrest--drugs---Carlos Rogers...Chicago st
195 Crystal---Assault--suspect listed.
2334 S Park--harassment--suspect listed.
376 Weimar--phone harassment
2163 S Park--crim mis--car window broken
327 Cable--crim mis--bike chained to front porch damaged.

Friday Oct 30th

92 Hamburg--Burglary--entry thru window--X Box stolen.
103 Abbott--UUV
26 Whitfield--Burglary--X Box.IPOD touch stolen..suspects listed.
151 Sidway--Burglary--entry thru bedroom window--jewelry stolen.
312 Perry--larceny--copper awnings stolen--suspect listed.
111 Edgewood--crim mis/larceny from a car--GPS,Debit cards,wallet,glasses,cash stolen.
108 Meriden--crim mis/larceny from a car--convertible top stolen.
Mineral Springs/Hayden--1 arrest --viol order of protection--Mathew Rylowicz...Wagner st
159 Smith---crim mis--vehcile spray painted--suspect listed.
56 Spaulding--1 arrest--Carlos Santiago--Obstructing Govt Administration
21 Ryan---threats--suspect listed.
71 Sirrett--shots fired--suspect listed...gun recovered at 20 Lilac st in a vehicle.
117 Louisianna--threats--suspect listed.
51 Woodside--Assault--suspect listed.
2234 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
726 Exchange--harassment--suspect listed.

Sat Oct 31st

975 Abbott--Burglary from 9-2-09--(Wilson Farms)--DNA match--Michael Woelfle...168 Arbour Lane--
55 Fillmore--RUUV
Josie/S Park--RUUV
83 Edgewood--threats--1 arrest---Patrick Nolan
54 Folger--1 arrest--Tyrone Tirado...Baitz st
34 Alleghany--Assault--warrant card issued.
305 Perry--Crim Mis--car door damaged.
376 Louisianna--larceny--cell phone stolen
46 Leamington--larceny--inspection sticker stolen
42 Gorski--threats--warrant card issued.
30 Kenefick--larceny--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Michael Gaugler...Nancy crest..West Seneca
1 Kamper--crim mis/larceny from a car--purse,bag stolen
Tifft St--crim mis/larceny from a car--lock popped out/black brief case stolen
1892 Seneca--Assault--suspect listed.
75 Princeton--1 arrest--menacing----Miguel Cortes..suspect in holding center
1005 McKinley--larceny--cash stolen from car.

Sunday Nov 1st

462 Clinton--shots fired--1 arrest--Eric L Rawls 2nd...Knox Ave ..West Seneca..Open Container/Obstructing.
845 Perry--Crim mis--4 tires slashed,car damaged.
1205 Seneca--Hone Invasion---1 arrest--Hector Sanchez...Goulding ave
Seneca/Babcock--1 arrest--John Herbert..Pamona st...Obstructing Investigation
36 Mesmer--larceny from a car--CD's stolen,books stolen,driver side visor damaged.
727 Bailey(Bowl Inn)--Burglary--glass to 2 doors kicked in--cash stolen
Southside/Mesmer--Assault--6 W/M's attacked victim at a party.
85 W Woodside--Assault--1 arrest---Willaim Starzynski...W Woodside
1 Griswold--harassment--suspect listed.
17 Macamley---threats
412 Perry apt#3--phone threats--suspect listed.

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