Monday, November 2, 2009

Born Again Republicans?

It's funny how the South Buffalo political hacks' party loyalty is subject to change when jobs are offerred to their underachieving friends and relatives. Last year, they talked about how Dennis Delano and Chris Collins worked to further the evil Republican agenda. They said this because it suited their needs.

Sheriff Tim Howard gets in there as a Republican and all of a sudden, the Republicans aren't that bad. I guess it helps that he was able to secure jobs for the children of South Buffalo's politically opportunistic class. Who knows whether these jobs were appointed or civil service positions? What's the difference? They hand pick half the people off of these lists anyway. The first question on these exams might as well be, What's your father's name again? I wouldn't trust some of the kids of these Democratic refugees with squirt guns, much less handguns.

I don't know Sheriff Tim Howard from actor Ron Howard. However, it never surprises me how hypocritical these born again Democrats/Republicans are. These people don't possess any political values. They don't stand for anything. It's all about who can get the most jobs for their underachieving kids. That's fine. I'm a registered Democrat. But next year, don't tell me how evil the Republicans are, when it suits your endorsed Democratic candidate. Re-elect nobody.

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