Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Channel 4 Harasses the Woman in White

I don't remember at what point the news stopped becoming about the news and started becoming just another form of entertainment. Channel 4 did a story on their Wake Up show about "The Woman in White". In case you never saw her, she's the woman walking around Allentown covered from head to toe in white clothing. Even on hot summer days, her whole face and body are covered.

In this story, we learn the woman's name is Irene. She says she is allergic to color and that her race is white. This, despite the fact that she is clearly black. The news didn't show it but the woman in white also discussed Obama's Health Care plan, Bass Pro, and the Buffalo Bill's problems at the offensive line position.

Why not just let this poor woman live her life? So her choice of clothing is bizarre. How is this a news story? Give her a break. She's obviously mentally unstable. You want to do a news story about a local weirdo? Don Paul is sitting right next to you in your own damn studio. Not to be outdone, I hear Channel 7 is going to do a story next week about the guy who sits on South Park Avenue next to his guitar (but has never been seen playing it).

If this lady in white were smart, she would charge Cellino & Barnes money to advertise on the back of one of her robes. I think it would be great if, one day, she just decided to switch to all black clothing. At least it would give people in this small, boring town one more thing to gossip about.

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  1. i agree. thought it was ridiculous. Especially since it was a couple weeks after steve lopez gave a lecture for UB's distinguished speaker series about mental illness and it's effects on the homless