Sunday, November 22, 2009

crime stats 11/9-11/15

Thank you to chief Brian Strobele for sending these to me. Hopkins Stop-N-Gas suffered it's monthly robbery, a girl stole her dog back from her ex boyfriend, and there were only two people from my street arrested. It was a slow week. Also, Michael Jackson was arrested in Evans. I thought he was dead. No word yet on whether his white sequined glove was confiscated as evidence...

Monday Nov 9th

2133 S Park--UUV
290 Larkin--threats--suspect listed.
153 Romona--larceny--dog stolen by ex- girlfriend
2133 S Park--shoplifter-unk w/m stole beer
142 Casimir--larceny--2 tires stolen off car
52 Remoleno--larceny--cash stolen--suspect listed.
12 South--crim mis/larceny from a car--lock damaged--radio stolen.
1866 S Park--Burglary--37 " tv stolen.
400 Willet--crim mis--suspect listed.
1777 Clinton--1 arrest --drugs---Jennifer Broad...Spann st
150 Southside--assault--suspect listed.
334 S Ogden--ID theft
Seneca/Cazenovia--traffic stop--1 arrest---Desire Zama-ngonon...Jewitt ave

Tuesday Nov 10th

23 Roseville--larceny--50' copper stolen from under the house.
269 Barnard--larceny from a car---stereo stolen
49/53 Buffum--Burglary--1 arrest--Brian Bickley...Imson st
481 Abbott--shoplifter--unk B/F stole item
35 Roseville--Burglary--victim assaulted in house---suspect listed.
1986 S Park--Larceny from 10-04-09--1 arrest--Christopher OConnor...South Park ave
231 Union Ship Canal--crim mis--truck damaged
86 Woodside--Burglary--ex-tenant destroyed house.
76 Garvey--assault---suspect listed.
698 S Ogden--Viol order of Protection--suspect listed.
209 Cable--assault--1 arrest--Tony Winens
173 Smith--2 warrant arrests---Joshua Bish,David Miszko
11 Downing--assault--suspect listed.
419 Swan--crim mis--windshield broken.
38 Duerstein--harassment--suspect listed.
202 Weimar--drugs--4 arrests---Francis Tessina 1926 Clinton #2,Daniel Chowaniec..Weimar,Christine Guilfoyle..William st..Lancaster,Alicia Davidson..10th st ..Niagara Falls.

Wed Nov 11th

29 Sidway--Home Invasion--2 unk W/M did point sawed off shot gun at victims and stole property.....also stole vehicle 2001 Hyundai 2dsd red,vehicle was recovered on Scoville and impounded.
11 Stevenson--Burglary--change stolen--possible suspect listed.
187 Melrose--UUV
1028 McKinley--larceny--several items removed from car--suspect listed.
1460 S Park(TOPS)--shoplifter--1 arrest--Karen Peterson..Houston st
79 E Market--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear window broken---GPS stolen.
2126 Seneca--harassment---suspect listed.
34 Cazenovia--Phone harassment---suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Walter Swinarski..S Lincoln..Orchard Park
8 Keppel--Phone harass--suspect listed.
40 Houston--crim mis--car written on with marker.
701 Seneca--Burglary from 10-7-09--1 arrest---Krystal Rains...Minnesota ave
270 Swan--1 arrest--exposure of a person---Thai Pham...Herkimer st
Chicago/Scott--crim mis--window broken on car.

Thursday Nov 12th

66 Crystal--phone harass--suspect listed.
329 Cable--Burglary--2 arrests--Keith Craver...No Address,Sharon Baldi ..Tuscarora
S park/Moore--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--Pioneer stereo stolen.
194 Southside--2 arrests--drugs--Edward C Colliton..Cenetr rd..West Seneca,Dorota Mackowska..Center ..West Seneca
17 Kenefick--1 arrest--harassment---Maria Forcucci
A District--1 arrest---Mark Nolan..Lemon st...Lackawanna
107 Dorothy--larceny.crim mis---several items stolen from 2 trucks parked in the yard.
22 Pries--larceny from 10-25-09--1 arrest---Michael Hoopengarner..Greely st
S Park/Moore--crim mis--window broken on car
726 Exchange(First Niagara Bank)--Robbery--Unk B/M,passed note took large sum of money.
S Park/McCamley--UUV--suspect listed.
2439 Seneca--crim mis--suspect listed--warrant card issued.
244 Cumberland--RUUV
61 Dingens--crim mis--4 tires slashed
S Park/E Market--crim misdash damaged--radio stolen.
Southside/N Legion--assault--victim struck in the forehead by something thrown from a car.
Seneca/Chicago--phone harass---suspect listed.

Friday Nov 13th

649 S Ogden--threats--suspect listed.
223 Maurice--Assault--suspect listed.
202 Cable--larceny--warrant card issued
1944 Seneca--1 arrest --disorderly conduct---Justin Madejrich...Hammerschmidt st
Elk/Smith--harassment--warrant card issued.
273 Barnard--threats
1006 McKinley--larceny--known customer took several packs of cigarettes.
315 Union Ship Canal--crim mis--windows on car broken
Seneca/Chicago--crim mis/larceny from a car--car damaged--several items stolen.
2028 S Park #4--larceny--cellphone,cash stolen from wallet.
1378 S Park--Assault--1 arrest--Wayne Hallman
363 Hopkins(Stop N Gas)--Burglary--3 arrests--Nicholas Pilla..1132.Bailey Ave,Joseph Galioto.65 .McCamley st,James Kukavica..24 Hubbell.--kicked door in stole cigarettes.
2406 S Park--1 arrest--warrant--William Frank..Amherst NY
647 Bailey--crim mis--Gang Box damaged at construction site.

Sat Nov 14th

Seneca/Maywood--Robbery-2 unk B/M's robbed cell phone a skateboard from victim.
36 Glendhu--larceny from a car---cash stolen.
2097 Seneca--shoplifter--1 arrest---John Rivers.Arkansas st
155 Bailey(NOCO)--shoplifetr--unk W/M,stole beer fled on Bailey
78 Griswold--larceny from a car--face plate,amp stolen.
78 Griswold--larceny from a car--GPS,Camera,Marine GPS stolen.
111 Hubbell--larceny from a car--CD's,Cash,XM radio,GPS power cord.
32 Hubbell--larceny from a car--Radar detector,wallet,cash stolen.
130 Hubbell--crim mis--overhead lightinside car broken.
35 Roseville--Burglary from 11-10-09--1 arrest--Patrick Donohue..Harvey

Sunday Nov 15th

61 Dingens--Robbery--suspects listed....1 arest made today 11-18-09--Ryan Thomas,W/F..Weyand st
38 Duerstein--crim mis/larceny from a car--lock broken--GPS,Radio stolen.
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Michael Jackson..Derby Rd ..Evans NY
261 S Legion--assault--suspect listed.
2189 S Park--1 arrest--DWI/drugs---Francisco Torres...Marilla st
86 Polish Pl--1 arrest---David Krygier--Viol order of Protection.
37 Olcott--threats--suspect listed.
106 Kamper--Assault--1 arrest---Keith Cramer...Wheelock st
31 Sheffifeld--tresspass---suspect listed.
51 Buffalo st---crim mis/larceny from a car--car stereo,speakers,amp stolen & tools


  1. What is your profession that you know this information and simply just post it??

  2. Anything on South Park check out Michael Tascarella,he is well known STUPID THIEF and drug addict,woman beater low life scumbag.