Friday, November 27, 2009

Ignore That Woman Holding the Pointer

As I suspected last week, several Belgian doctors are asking questions regarding the amazing story of Rom Houben. Houben, you might remember, is the 46 year old car crash victim reported to have been falsely diagnosed as being in a coma for 23 years. Coincidentally, the same thing has been said about NY State Senator Bill Stachowski.

Some experts think the woman controlling the pointer is answering the questions for him. There are several ways to find out. The simplest would be to ask him questions about reality TV, fashion, The View, or Barbara Streisand with the woman guiding his hand. If he knows any of the answers, we know it's her communicating, or it's him and he's just gay. I do hope it is him communicating though. If it's not, the Balloon boy's father thinks it was a ridiculous hoax.

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