Sunday, November 29, 2009

Amherst Gets Serious About Enforcing Residency-When Will Buffalo?

Superintendent James Williams with a concerned look on his face. Perhaps he knows he might have to publicly discuss residency regarding his employees someday.

James Kane, Dr. Williams' Chief of Staff and Buffalo's highest paid residency violator.

This was a recent article in The Buffalo News concerning residency. It looks like Amherst Town Supervisor Satish Mohan is cleaning house. A few violators tried to use the old Tony Farina "cheap apartment trick" but the courts ruled in the town's favor.

I'd like to see Mayor Brown and Superintendent Williams enforce the residency law. Informed sources tell me that William's chief-of-staff James Kane and Commissioner Jim Comerford both dwell in the suburbs. From what I hear, they are not alone. You can't live in Buffalo and work in Amherst but you can be a Commissioner in Buffalo and live in Amherst. Just ask director of physical education Dave "Donuts" Thomas. He has a beautiful house in East Amherst. Come on guys. Coming to South Buffalo on the weekends to have a few drinks is not the same as living here. You are not fooling your friendly neighborhood blogger. Come down to Tosh Collins and join me out in the community with all the families that pay your salaries (and incidentally, read this blog every week). I could use some help coaching. Oh, I'm sorry. That would require you giving something back to the community. I'm sorry. I must have misspoke.
Residency suits’ claims dismissed*
On behalf of all Buffalo taxpayers, I'd like to dedicate the following song to you guys: Baby Come Back. We really miss you here in the neighborhood.

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