Monday, November 2, 2009

Buffalo Continues to Squander Anti-Poverty Funds

Mayor Byron Brown, pictured here, refuses to address the city's growing poverty problem.

The city of Buffalo cannot figure out how to get anti-poverty funds from the Federal government. The ineptitude of our inbred leaders is probably the main reason Buffalo holds the prestigious title of third poorest city in America.

As a result, those hardest hit our the poorest of the poor and the agencies that serve them. The public has no say in how the federal block grant dollars are spent because Mayor Brown and the rest of the city hall flunkies want to make sure this money goes to serve the needs of their political friends and families first, not the city residents that need it the most. They kept the public hearing a secret. Only two city residents attended a hearing seeking public comments on how to spend $23.8 million dollars.

Deputy Mayor Byron Brown was unavailable for comment. He deferred all comment to Mayor Steve Casey. Casey didn't understand what all the fuss was about." We're the third poorest city in America. We tried to help out our residents on primary day. We gave them groceries and free chicken wings to come out and vote for Byron and myself. I can't understand why anyone would be upset." Casey added that the rumors about Brown stealing pink underwear at knifepoint from a Niagara St. adult bookstore last week were completely untrue and without merit.
City failing to correct anti-poverty funding flaws*

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