Monday, November 30, 2009

Jackson Merits Starting Job Over Lynch

Anyone who watches football will tell you Fred Jackson has turned into a better Running Back than Marshawn Lynch. There should have never been any debate after watching both of them play. Jackson can run, block, and catch the ball out of the backfield better than Lynch. He also seems to have a better ability to find the holes in the defenses. The only reason Lynch played over him was because he was much more heralded out of college.

When I saw the way Jauron handled the situation, it was apparent to me that he had to go. I can't tell you what makes a good football player but I know it when I see it. The issue last year with the hit and run involving Lynch should have been his ticket out of town. Who brings their own liquor bottles with them when they go out on Chippewa St?
Jackson is a winner. Lynch is a CFLer. It really comes down to that. It's time to give Freddy the majority of the carries.
Jackson thrives on the action as starter*

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