Sunday, November 8, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work

Councilmember of the year Brian Davis is in the news again. County and state investigators were looking for him on Wednesday. The only problem was they couldn't find him. As it turns out, he was still in bed. He was scheduled to be at two committee meetings but they didn't agree with his personal schedule.

On Friday, he said the committee meetings, "were already over before I got there." That's a great line. It means the same as "I was late, so I blew them off" but doesn't sound quite as harsh. Spoken like a true politician. Davis is the same guy who wrote bad checks to half the businessmen in Buffalo, lied about having a college degree, and gave himself a discounted house from some government program. Don't worry. Davis will soon say he's the victim of racial discrimination. It's too predictable. Because showing up to mandatory meetings has so much to do with skin color. You know you're going to hear the phrase "witch hunt". Believe me, it's not racial. I'd like to see half the white councilmembers hit the streets as well.

It might be time to put ankle bracelets on all of these guys so we know how they spend their days. Some of them probably already have them from past experience. Why is this job even full time? They should make it part time, pay them $5,000/year instead of $50,000/year, and let them get real jobs like the rest of us. Don't kid yourself. There's nothing going on at City Hall that the department heads couldn't handle themselves. Buffalo is becoming a ghetto city. How long before we find money in freezers or one of these guys smoking crack in front of a hidden camera?
Davis misses questions, meetings*

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