Saturday, November 21, 2009

Next Time Call a Cab

From today's Buffalo News: They say misery loves company. A guy from Depew was charged with DWI. He decided to call his friend, one of my drunken neighbors from Koester St., to pick him up at the State Police barracks. Bad idea. He was also charged with DWI when he showed up drunk to pick up the first guy. The first guy should have just told the police his last name was Keane, Kane, Comerford, Lotempio, etc. Not only would police have let him go without any charges. They probably would have given him an escort home and named their first born sons after him.

Man called by DWI suspect for a ride charged with DWI

A Buffalo man called to pick up a drunken Depew man at the State Police barracks Wednesday evening was arrested by troopers after driving to the barracks drunk, police said.

The initial DWI charge was lodged against Ronald R. Taylor, 39, of Transit Road, who was spotted talking on his cell phone on the Thruway at about 7:20 p. m. When Taylor’s ride home, Terry L. Branka, 40, of Koester Street, arrived to pick him up, he also was charged with DWI, police said.

Another man, a Lancaster resident, arrived later to take both men home. He was not drunk, police said.

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