Saturday, October 31, 2009

crime stats 10/19-10/25

Monday Oct 19th

200 Miami--larceny---bike taken from the yard
1941 Seneca--(Rite-Aid)--Shoplifting/Drugs--3 arrests--Nelson Roman..Niagara st ..Lockport,Glen T Butler...Main st ..Lockport,Cassandra Taylor...West ave...Gasport...Heroin recovered.
2426 S Park--larceny--jacket taken from bar--suspect listed.
169 Folger--Attempt Burglary to both apartments----no entry--bike stolen from the yard.
114 Kelburn--Burglary--entry thru window--Playstation2,controllers,games and coins stolen.
930 Bailey--RUUV
150 Selkirk--V&T/Drugs--1 arrest--Todd Mitchell...Innesbrooke ct...Hamburg
25 Trowbridge--threats--suspect listed.
33 Fillmore--Crim mis--suspect listed.
Perry/Louisianna---threats--suspect listed.
157 Aldrich--crim mis--fence pole cut--warrant card issued.
15 Norman--harassment--suspect listed.
346 Hopkins--crim mis--suspect listed.
344 Cumberland--assault--suspect listed
81 Strathmore--threats--suspect listed.

Tuesday Oct 17th

332 Cumberland--Burglary--garage entered...drill stolen
128 S Pierce--Burglary--Toro Snowblower,golf clubs,generator,air compresor,tools stolen.
61 Pontiac--attempt Burglary--scren on garage cut---posible newer white pickup involved.
Alabama/Fulton--Robbery--2 suspects assaulted victim and took $70.00 cash.
335 Swan--Robbery--4 b/m's,16-20's,hoodies,silver auto handgun..took jewelry--fled in Dark Buick,tinted windows.
17 Remoleno--larceny of a bike--1 arrest--Jose Meza...Fernhill
282 Cumberland--larceny from a car--2 Sabres caps,change stolen.
347 Cumberland--larceny from a car--tools stolen
340 Cumberland--larceny from a car--tools stolen
90 Salem--larceny from a car--change stolen.
50 Tamarack--larceny from a car--change stolen.
54 Como--2 arrests---Cornelius Robinson..child endangering,Tiffany Wiggins..harasment.
2009 Seneca--Bad Check in the amount of $700.00
95 Hubbell--crim mis--dash damaged near stereo.
150 Southside(South Park High)--1 arrest --tresspassing---Carlos Santiago...Spaulding st
344 Perry 4a--Criminal Impersonation--person claiming to be a nurse tried to enter victims apartment.
127 Sage--crim mis--suspect did smash complts camera.
49 Woodside--threats--suspect listed.
663 Hopkins--threats--suspect listed.
1540 Seneca--Crim mis--rock thrown thru car window.
88 Mineral Springs--crim mis--rock thrown thru rear window.

Wednesday Oct 21

19 Spaulding--UUV
170 Ladner--Burglary--TV stolen while person was sleeping.
97 Rutland--Burglary--garage entered chemicals spilled on floor.
21 South Park Lake Dr--Arson--UUV burned in the woods.
84 Aldrich--larceny--warrant card issued.
43 Pries--larceny--employee stole copper over period of time.
84 Troupe--larceny from a car---purse stolen.
101 Rutland--larceny--GPS,stereo face plate stolen.
94 Rutland--larceny from a car---change stolen
175 Whitfield--larceny from a car---1 arrest--Tony Biggs..193 S Bryant...Depew NY
663 Hopkins--threats--warrant card issued.
Abbott/Cazenovia--Viol Order of Protection.--suspect listed.
150 Van Renssalaer--crim mis--window broken on car
490 N Legion--Crim Contempt--1 arrest---Kimberly Doyle...Davis Rd ..West Falls
152 Weiss--threats--suspect listed.
522 Swan st--crim mis--window broken on a car.
85 Duerstein--Crim mis---1 arrest--Tammy Pool...Duerstein
152 Lockwood--harassment--1 arrest--Anna Grady
S Park/Hamburg--assault---suspect listed.
2047 S Park--Crim Mis--2 arrests---William Timm...S Western Blvd,Zachary Brown...Whitfield.
84 Aldrich--Falsely Reporting an incident--suspect listed.

Thursday Oct 22

238 Alabama--Burglary--tools stolen
348 Abbott(Comfort Dental)--Burglary--2 computers,7 dell laptop chargerscheck book stolen.
1460 S Park(Tops)--shoplifter/drugs--1 arrest--Michael Didway...Winslow ave
589 Abbott--V&T--1 arrest--Danielle Pace...Harvey Pl..warrant for larceny.
302 Cumberland--larceny from a car--GPS,Camera,bluetooth,phones & chargers.
159 Mackinaw--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--2 leather jackets,tools stolen.
271 Dingens--crim mis/larceny from a truck--window broken,equipment stolen.
81 Mariemont--larecny--Gift Card stolen.
78 Sage--assault--suspect listed.
1849 Clinton--1 arrest--Drugs/endangering a child.--Robin Mitchell...Harlem Rd--Cheek.
60 Strathmore--Contempt of court--suspect listed.
350 Abbott rd--some property recovered by Dental office in this house.
1 Fulton(Casino)--1 arrest--tresspassing--Krystal Rains...Minnesota ave
11 Cliff--1 arrest---Larry alistrant jr...Pontiac--no license/False Personation.
139 Louisianna--Assault--suspect listed.
Seneca/Buffum--1 arrest--drugs--Martin Walesczak... N Legion.
Friday Oct 23

318 Holly--crim mis--tree damaged.
69 Dallas--threats--suspect listed.
111 Walter--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.
560 Dingens--Forgery--1 arrest---Katherine Donovan...North Ogden
215 Stevenson--harassment---suspect listed.
2376 S Park(Sorrento Cheese)--larceny---wallet stolen from coat in break room.
21 Alamo--drugs--2 arrests--Mary Lou Umar,Edwin Irizarry...12 bags crack,large amount of property recovered from house.
459 Perry--threats--suspect listed.
109 Riverview--Burglary--DVD player,cash,medication stolen.
515 Abbott suite 508--larceny--purse stolen.
153 Barnard--crim mis/larceny from a car--window pried open---stereo stolen.
146 Fillmore--1 arrest--drugs--Nina McCabe...Lord st
Fillmore/Clinton---V&T/Drugs--1 arrest---Jeffery Trala...Alabama st

Saturday Oct 24th

2199 Seneca--Forgery/Larceny--1 arrest--David Morris...Lovejoy
77 Sage--assault from 9-11-09--1 arrest---David Morris...Lovejoy st
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Rashawn Brown...Fay st
132 Cumberland---harassment--suspect listed.
Hopkins/Tifft--Robbery--victim assaulted by 3 males--2 known and had jewelry and phone stolen.
133 Holly--larceny--envelope stolen with cash & credit cards.
35 Cazenovia--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken,purse stolen.
997 Exchange--crim mis--windows broken out of car--suspect listed.
158 Weimar--UUV

Sunday Oct 25th

1941 Seneca(Rite-Aid)--Shoplifter---B/M,30's,6'1",400 lbs,B/F late 20's,small build stole 30 packs of batteries and fled store.Green SUV.
975 Abbott rd(Wilson Farms)--shoplifting--W/M,50's,5'7",heavy stole beer,fled in full size white van.
111 Shenandoah--UUV/Ruuv---vehicle recovered in the Botanical Gardens--burned out.
164 Parkview--Burglary--2 Tv's stolen.
376 Louisianna--Comtempt of Court--1 arrest---Anthony Fomby
21 Eaglewood--phone threats---suspect listed.
505 Hopkins--assault--1 arrest---Michael Osborne
291 Bailey--V&T--1 arrest--Styles Salter..Walden ave--74 bags of marijuana recovered.
30 Kamper--assault--1 arrest---Jeffery Battles....Duerstein st

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