Sunday, November 29, 2009

crime stats 11/16-11/22

Thank you to Chief Brian Strobele for this week's crime statistics. Tops at S. Park/Bailey was not robbed this week. This is not a misprint.

Monday Nov 16th

322 Woodside--larceny from a car---7" flipout TV and 3 paintball guns stolen.
531 McKinley--larceny--rebate check stolen from Mailbox.
43 Folger--larceny--bike stolen

2250 Seneca--larceny of a bike

Weiss/Clinton--assaultsuspect listed.

36 Pomona--Contempt of court order--suspect listed.

36 Harvel Pl--tresspass--suspect listed.
6 Yale--1 arrest--Obstructing Govt Administartion---Michael Mayers..Center rd ..west Seneca

Tuesday Nov 17th

2176 Seneca--Assault--warrant card issued
1532 Seneca--1 arrest--Loitering---Renee Glab..Lyman st

350 Perry apt G--Burglary--door kicked in Kitchen Cabinets,stove stolen

19 Armin--Burglary--2 bikes,Nintendo DS stolen.

113 Aldrich--UUV

159 Columbus--crim mis/larceny from a car---lock popped out...Stereo,IPOD,keys stolen.

30 Sidway--crim mis/larceny from a car---door damages...CD changer,GPS,Ping Golf clubs stolen.

568 S Park--larceny--money stolen...suspect listed.

78 Griswold--crim mis/larceny from car--alarm wires cut...sub woofer,amp stolen.

19 Euclid--crim mis--2 tires slashed.

102 Athol--ID Theft

202 Wiemer--phone harassment

31 Sheffield--Burglary--1 arrest--Justin Harris...May st

28 Kamper--Assault--suspect listed.

261 S Legion--Issuing Bad Check--suspect listed.

341 Seneca--RUUV

Foot of Smith--RUUV

Wednesday Nov 18th

1738 S Park--Burglary--ladder used to 2nd floor window--Cash,jewelry,video games stolen.
727 Bailey--Assault--several suspects listed.

Stevenson/Mineral Springs--harassment--unk male on red bike did follow female off school bus.

762 Exchange--harassment--suspect listed.

289 Hamburg--Assault--1 arrest--Arron Sworn--No Permanent Address.

61 Dingens--1 arrest for Robbery from 11-15-09..Ryan Thomas...

Seneca/Southside--harassmnet--warrant card issued.

1005 McKinley--Assault--1 arrest---Kelvin Garcia..Mumford st

Thursday Nov 19th

9 Pulaski--crim mis--steering column damaged.

17 Lockwood--larceny from a car--radio faceplate stolen.

O'Connell/Vincennes--larceny--cash stolen from unlocked vehicle.

187 Smith--Forgery--attempt to cash check on closed account.

115 Newman--Assault---suspect listed.

164 Barnard--harassment--1 arrest---Steven Brodewicz

48 Cazenovia--Harassment--suspect listed.

15 Norman--crim mis--mailbox damaged.

911 Abbott--tresspassing--1 arrest--Ernest Wright...Burgard pl

Friday Nov 20th

82 Wescott--Home Invasion--2 unk male suspects kicked in door,took cash ,jewelry damaged phone.

151 Amber--Burglary--tv stolen,appliances stolen...suspect listed.

142 Pomona--larceny from a car--wallet stolen,stereo damaged--car was parked in fenced in yard.

89 Sage--Robbery--suspect listed.

1345 S Park--crim mis/larceny from a vehicle--window broken--cash & checks stolen.

1853 Clinton--harassmnet--suspect listed.

24 Hubbell--1 arrest--drugs--Thereon Collins..Center rd...Lackawanna

S Park/Crystal---harassment---partial suspect description listed.

1479 Clinton--1 arrest...V&T/Drugs--Enrique Calix...Aldrich st

14 Wasson--crim mis--broken windows.

Saturday Nov 21st

2066 S Park--assault--suspect listed.

35 Weyand--Robbery--suspect listed.

31 Spaulding--crim mis/larceny from a car--dash damaged--radio stolen.

565 Abbott--larceny--unk B/F did pry open cash drawer for PRO Park and did remove $70.00

154 Woodside--assault--1 arrest---Timothy Mason

415 Fulton--crim mis--car damaged--suspect listed.

S Park/Louisianna--1 arrest--drugs--Moses Harrison...E Eagle st

137 Milton--crim mis--1 arrest--Thomas Kozacza...Imson st12105 Seneca--Assault--1 arrest--Richard Cayan...Imson st

2066 S Park--assault--1 arrest from assault earlier in night---Bernard Dipasquale Jr...Willowlawn Pkwy..Cheek.

117 Amber--Phone harassment--suspect listed.

Sunday Nov 22nd

2076 S park--crim mis--air conditioner damaged.

418 S park--1 arrest--poss of knife/disorderly conduct--Porter Jones...Sweet st

35 Weyand--previous larceny reported--1 arrest---James Schuler---Weyand st

123 Kimberly--Burglary--door stolen.

401 Willet--larceny--ID,bank card stolen from car.

86 Pontiac--crim mis--visor in car damaged,vehicle rummaged thru

Seneca/Maurice--Assault--warrant card issued.
396 Abbott--Assault--warrant card issued.

16 Hayden--Burglary--school entered by unknow means,office window broken...several items stolen.

Foot of Spann--2 arrests--drugs---Louis fernandez...Lincoln...Dunkirk NY,Maria Chevez..N Main st...Dunkirk Ny

38 Ridgewood---tresspassing---2 suspects described.

219 S Legion---larceny from a car--cd stereo stolen

2402 S Park--menacing--1 arrest---Amparo Rosa..Lockwood

2119 S Park--crim mis--2 windows broken

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