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crime stats 9/21-9/27

Monday Sept 21st

49 Armin--Burglary--possible suspect listed
15 Norman--larceny--2 plates stolen from vehicle
144 Milton--crim mis--window broken--possible BB shot.
104 Cable--threats--suspect listed.
70 Armin--crim mis--vehicle dented
1989 Seneca--assault--1 arrest--Jasmine Otero..Weyand st
303 Cable--drugs--narcotics delivered by Post Office to wrong house.

Tuesday Sept 22nd

2426 S Park--assault--1 arrest--Edward Delmonte...Sharondale..Hamburg
353 Alabama--assault--1 arrest--Nicola Reggler...Reed st
85 Aldrich--Burglary--jewelry,digital camera stolen.
2175 S Park(Rite Aid)--Shoplifter--Juan Rodriguez..Potters road
213 Stevenson--larceny--car registration sticker stolen.
81 Strathmore--larceny--wallet removed from bedroom
2126 Seneca--larceny--cell phone stolen
McKinley/Kimmel--V&T--1 arrest--drugs---Mohssen Ahmed..Rhode Island st
117 Hayden--crim mis--picture window broken
415 Swan--menacing with a gun--possible suspect listed.
20 Peabody--crim mis--window broken
46 Kamper--phone threats
150 Southside(South Park)--1 arrest--tresspassing---Troy Milewski..Seneca st
Evans Pd--1 arrest--Buffalo Warrant--Douglas Brewster...Angola NY
Seneca/Riverview--V&T--1 arrest--DWI---Daniel Schmelzinger...Orlando st

Wednesday Sept 23rd

159 Smith--Burglary--1 arrest--Amy Ostrowski..Smith st
71 Narragansett--larceny--change stolen
48 Ryan--Larceny--CD's,CD case,change stolen from car
150 Ryan--larceny--change stolen from car
183 Tuscarora--larceny--GPS stolen,2 car chargers stolen,change stolen.
1700 Clinton--larceny--bike stolen.
156 Bailey--larceny--eye glasses stolen--suspect listed.
Swan/Spring--V&T--1 Arrset---James E Singleton...Spring st
1514 Clinton--Assault--1 arrest--Mark Porter Jr Clinton st
59 Imson--Harassment--warrant card issued.
Hamburg/Perry--1 arrest--DWI--Norma Coppola...Dewitt st
1305 Seneca st--Threats--suspect listed.
90 Frank--1 arrest--Comtempt of court order---James Self..
344 Weimar--crim mis--1 arrest--Joseph Swiatkowski
S Park/Tifft--V&T--3 arrests--Rickey Jones..Fargo ave,Barrie Woods...Altruria,Kennedy Gadlet..S Hapton..--drugs
A District--1 arrest--warrant---John Jacobs...Sycamore st

Thursday Sept 24th

121 Indian Church--harassment
West Seneca PD--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant--Henry Gripple..Troupe st
1445 Seneca st--Drugs--1 arrestAndre Fekete...Potters rd
159 Smith--Burglary from 9-23-09--1 arrest---Eduvigis Cordero Perry st
353 Alabama--assault--1 arrest--Nicola Reggler...Erie County Holding Center...
353 Alabama--assault from 7-19-09--1 arrest---Nicola Reggler--Holding Center
23 Como--assault--1 arrest--Donald Kenny....COMO
24 Woodside--harassment--possible suspect listed.
155 Bailey(NOCO)--debit card stolen.
2250 Seneca(Family Dollar)--shoplifter--3 arrests--Willie Boller..Teaxas st,Nekeisha Johnson...Box ave,Leah Robertson..Wyoming.
54 Paul pl--Agg Harassmnet--suspect listed.
1218 Seneca--larceny--2 childrens violins,HP keyboard,RCA convertor stolen from church.
845 Abbott--larceny--prescription picked up by unknown persons
72 Oakhurst--larceny--purse stolen from car.
84 Shenandoah--larceny--Sirius radio dock ,personal items stolen from vehicle.
A District-=-1 arrest--warrant--James Roberson..Trowbridge.
290 Larkin(Uncle Sams Army/Navy)--Burglary--cash drawr and cash stone,10 knives,Dell Computer damaged.
Whitehall/McKinley--V&T--1 arrest--drugs--Colin Reap--Duerstein st
34 Geary--harassment--suspect listed.

Friday Sept 25th

Hillery Playground--assault--6 unk Nativa Americans--did asault victim.
Bailey/S Park(TOPS lot)--larceny--purse stolen from shopping cart.
111 Folger--Contempt of Court Order--1 arrest--Mario Cox...Memorial dr
101 Fredro--crim mis--drivers mirror broken
New Babcock/William--assault--1 arrest--Tanysha Rosado...Davey st
152 Wildwood--threats--unk phone threats
Barnard/Clinton--menacing with a knife--1 arrest--Heriberto Pagan..Clinton st
1659 Clinton--assault--1 arrest--Steve Hnat
690 S Ogden--Reckless Endangering--warrant card issued.
698 1/2 S Ogden--Violation Order of Protection--warrant card issued.
1647 Clinton--2 arrests---Eredice Perry,Elizabeth Mixson..Obstruction,Resisting arrest

Saturday Sept 26th

320 Perry--Burglary--Jewelry ,5 hand made blankets stolen.
34 Cumberland--Burglary--Toshiba Laptop,Nexlink Laptop,X Box stolen.
1619 S Park--Burglary--HP Laptop stolen
1892 Seneca(Mastriannis Store)--Robbery--possible suspect listed.
94 Troupe--larceny--jewelry stolen--suspect listed.
Allegheny/Folger--larcenby from car--drivers license,benefit card,change stolen.
155 Bailey--1 arrest for larceny from 9-23-09.--Eric Dixon..Portland ave
2435 Seneca--assault--4 w/ms assaulted 3 victims at Seneca Texas Hots..possible suspect listed.
22 Olcott--phone threats from 9-5-09--1 arrest--Richard Riley..Armin st
108 Weiss--assault--warrant card issued.
107 Aldrich--threats--1 arrest--Paul Burns..Spaulding Ave
48 Zittel--drugs/underaged drinking--1 arrest--Jessica Whitt for Endangering Child,Unlawfully Dealing with Child.

Sunday Sept 27th

159 Cantwell--assault--1 arrest--Eric Crawford
169 Folger(lower)--Burglary--DVD's,ceramic bank stolen.
169 Folger(upper)--Burglary--toolbox,touch screen IPOD,and money stolen.
167 Parkview--threats--suspect listed.
24 Kenefick--phone threats--several suspects listed.
121 Indian Church--larceny--cell phone stolen--suspect listed.
72 Garvey--phone threats
143 Myrtle--UUV
Seneca/Ryan--V&T/Drugs--2 arrests--Kenneth Swartz..Marilla st,Joel Duronio..Sandy...Cheektowaga.
184 Chicago--threats--warrant card issued.
87 Pulaski--crim mis--door damaged by 2 w/m's,1 w/f.
58 Hancock--harassment--1 arrest--Joshua Laun...Hancock ave
1860seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
2001 Seneca--threats---suspect listed.
161 Pries--ID theft
839 S Division--Robbery--3 B/m or H/M did point handgun at both victims and robbed several items.

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