Thursday, October 8, 2009

State Union President Wants to Limit School Choice

This was a hilarious article in today's news. The New York State United Teachers Union President Richard Iannuzzi says Buffalo has reached it's "saturation point" for charter schools. Charter school enrollment has reached 10% in Buffalo. Iannuzzi says it shouldn't exceed 5-8% of traditional school enrollment. Apparently, he picked these numbers out of a hat one day while sitting high up in his ivory tower.

Charter schools in the city work. They are providing parents with a choice for their children's education. They provide a better education than the traditional schools despite being given a fraction of what the Buffalo Public Schools are given. Kids at my school come from some very poor families. Yet, from the time they arrive in Kindergarten until they graduate in 8th grade, they know there are expectations and standards. The parents have to be involved also. They know students demonstrating a lack of respect towards adults or fellow students will be removed. Shockingly, these kids can read and write and are mostly all end up going to good high schools upon graduation.

In the Buffalo Public Schools, there are low standards when it comes to parental involvement and school violence. A few years ago, four students from Performing Arts beat up someone (I can't remember whether it was a teacher or student). Not only were they allowed back, Superintendent Williams took all of them to the Buffalo Chophouse after their graduation. Don't worry. He didn't pay for their meal. You and I did! It was in his contract to have so much money to spend there. I don't know what's wrong with Emerson High School's restaurant that Williams couldn't spend our money there.

Iannuzzi thinks we need to start holding charter schools to a higher standard. How about holding the traditional schools to any standards? If a charter school doesn't work, they will lose their charter. If a Buffalo public school doesn't work, they simply change the name of the building. What a joke. This guy is desperate. Peter Murphy, a spokesman for the New York State Charter Schools sums it up when he says Iannuzzi is "about the adults (teachers). That's what his job is."

Too many charter schools here, union leader says*

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