Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Top Eleven Most Annoying Pro Athletes

The following is a list of my eleven most annoying professional athletes. Some are retired. Others are currently active. They are in no particular order and are subject to change. Check tomorrow and the list might change as I might be forgetting some.

11. Peyton Manning- Does this guy have to be on every commercial from September until January. He's a very good quarterback but not a good actor. His act has gotten very old very fast. Enough already. Nice haircut. Definitely the most overexposed on this list.

10. Scott Norwood- Ok. I know 47 yards isn't a chip shot but come on man! Make the damn kick and at least we win one Super Bowl. If he makes that kick, are we the 3rd poorest city in America? Probably. Detroit has several Stanley Cups and NBA championships and it is ranked #1. We can't even be number one on that list.

9. Tommy Morrison- The boxer turned actor from the 1980s. Responsible for the worst Rocky movie (Rocky V) ever made. Fighting Rocky in a streetbrawl. Who came up with that idea?

8. Every Major League baseball player after Jose Canseco- Critics might say baseball is a boring game to watch but it does take considerable skill to hit a baseball. Also, good fielding and pitching is an art form just like anything else. The modern player took a great game and ruined it with performance enhancing drugs. The worst part is how many players denied using steroids only to be proven liars later.

7. Michael Vick- Even when he was in his prime, he couldn't throw an accurate pass. A good runner but a lousy quarterback. What annoys me about him was listening to people talk about him as if he were a good player when he was in jail. He is an exciting player but he can't hit the side of a barn. Also, what kind of a grown man commits animal cruelty? What an imbecile.

6. Jimmy Arias- People probably barely remember him. He was the tennis pro from Grand Island. He was briefly one of the top players in the world but still was just a spoiled brat from Grand Island. Where is he bartending these days?

5. Jim Kelly-(0-4). Need I say more? Don't get me wrong. He was a very good quarterback. I like the way he played but he is a blowhard off the field. If half of his partying stories are true, this guy was/is an idiot. Having millions of dollars does not make you better than anyone. Get some class. Here's a guy who wouldn't be seen in S. Buffalo, yet he gets on the radio and tells us why we need to vote for Bill Stachowski. Sorry Kelly. We're not interested. Let us know when you decide to pay off the vendors of your failed nightclub.

4. David Beckham- Came over to MLS from England. He went on every talk show with his spice girl wife and proceeded to lay a big egg on the field. Americans like goal scorers. This guy not only doesn't score goals, he also hasn't been a playmaker. He blew off his own fans in LA by leaving midseason to play for Inter Milan. He was loudly booed upon his return. He challenged his own fans to a fight. Then, when one of them came down and accepted his challenge, he hid behind a security guard. He's a tough guy.

3. "Baby Slow" Mesi- Fought one journeyman after another. Got his butt whipped in his last fight by a Russian midget. He and his father sold Buffalo fans a bill of goods. Now, he was given a $70,000 no show job after he lost an election. His two biggest fans are Steve Pigeon and Tony Farina. You can tell a great deal about somebody's character by the people they hang out with..

2. Cornelius Bennett- Don't believe the hype. He made the Bills 50th anniversary team but I think Jim Haslett and Shane Conlen were both better than Bennett. Bennett wasn't fit to tie Darryl Talley's shoes on the field yet always got more recognition than him. He was great at doing celebration dances. The problem he had was making plays worthy of celebration. I don't care what people say. Bennett was a bum.

1. Rob Ray- Enough already. Listening to this guy on TV during Sabres games reminds me of how mediocre Buffalo is. Ray's a loudmouth and never really says anything substantial. He was a grandstander on the ice. One time he beat up a drunk fan after he came out on the ice in montreal. I know the drunk deserved it but Ray was excessive. He knew the cameras were on him. Ray's the reason my remote control has a mute button.

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