Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Guastaferro's From Amherst

The Guastaferro family might be the most annoying family I've ever seen. They live in East Amherst. I'm happy to hear they are now being investigated by the FBI for tax and money-laundering. They went on the show Wife Swap (I wonder if they know Balloon Boy's father?). They were the rich family with no values. They give their precious 15 year old daughter a gift every day from under a Christmas tree. Watch this clip. My favorite part is when daughter Alicia says, 'I do feel sorry for people who are not gorgeous people.'

At least now thanks to Youtube, the family is being made fun of across the English speaking world. As well they should be. What a disgrace to humanity.

Guastaferro couple are said to seek plea bargain*


  1. I wanna slap that bitch

  2. I hope reality hits this little pig in the face

  3. How can someone possibly think that this is the proper way to raise your offspring? I wonder how she will react when the rug gets pulled out from under her feet. We ALL grow up someday. Wish I could be there to witness her moment of realization. Oh and by the way, Princess, the nickname "Blondie" has absolutely nothing to do with the color of your dyed hair. I think I've heard a few jokes about you.