Saturday, October 10, 2009

crime stats 9/28-10/4

Looks like KFC by Irish Center and Key Bank on Seneca St were robbed at gunpoint on this week. NOCO by McDonalds and Nicks were also robbed.

Monday Sept 28th

45 Troupe--UUV
312 Perry apt 6G--UUV/RUUV
155 Altruria--UUV
994 Exchange--crim mis--suspect listed did damage victims car.
195 Culver--Crim Mis--suspect listed.
2116 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
155 Bailey(NOCO)--harassment--warrant card issued.
78 Griswold--threats--partial suspect description listed.

Tuesday Sept 29th

170 Abbott rd(Kentucky Fried Chicken)--Robbery--1 unk male--6'4",200lbs,thin,powder blue shirt with eye holes,powder blue hoody inside jeans..handgun...1 W/F,5'5",190lbs,dark ski mask..knife, did force employee to open safe and did remove 3 HSBC bank bags then forced employees into cooler and fled.
159 Smith--Burglary--money,jewelery stolen.
82 Weaver--attempt Burglary---1 arrest---Sean Sutherland...Lilac st
89 Weaver--larceny--part on inspection sticker stolen.
565 Abbott--larceny--purse stolen from hospital.
Seneca/Babcock--larceny--suspect listed did steal cell phone from victim.
54 Mt Vernon--harassment--suspect listed.
65 Armin--crim mis--damage to vehicle--poss suspect ex-husband.
2426 S Park--crim mis--2 additional arrests from Reckless endangerment from 8-6-09.--2 juv arrests.
418 S Park--1 arrest00marihuana--Robert L Williams..Chicago st
198 Amber--Robbery--from 9-1-09--1 arrest--David Montalvo...Altruria st
193 Hancock--assault--1 arrest--Michael Harig..Hancock st.

Wednesday Sept 30th

13 Lester(garage)--Arson--1 arrest--Jason A Koepnick..Lester st
1909 S Park(Family Dollar)--shoplifter--1 arrest--Shannon Ames...Olcott st
308 Fulton--UUV
1619 S Park--Burglary--entry thru window--shotgun stolen.
108 Weiss--Burglary--sets of keys stolen--possible suspect listed.
150 S Side(South Park)--harassment--1 arrest--Tisha Williams...Domedion st
295 Bailey--crim mis/larceny from a acr--window broken--Radio,air tank ,jack stolen.
99 Orlando--phone threrats--suspect listed.
119 Trowbridge--Assault--1 arrest--Shaun Moore...Dover dr...West Seneca
456 Swan--Assault--victim slashed with a knife--suspect listed.
1615 S Park--crim mis--screen cut--door lock damaged.
155 Altriria--Assault--suspect listed.
81 Seminole--harassment--suspect listed.
2 Alsace--1 arrest--drugs--Joseph Galioto..Eugene ..Lack NY
605 Fulton--1 arrest--Crim Contempt of court order---James Frost

Thursday Oct 1st

115 Arbour Lane--larceny--mailbox taken off wall...mail stolen.
82 Weaver--Burglary--meds stolen from under bed.
426 Perry(Meter Room)--larceny--20' copper pipe stolen.
109 Peabody--RUUV--3 arrests--Shamika Dean...Ivey st,Rockie Jones..Ivey st,Albert Drake..Ivey st.
86 Kimmel--harassment--unk suspect
Seneca/Maywood--1 arrest--disorderly conduct--Daniel Wagner..Transit rd...Elma
Bailey/Seneca---crim mis--windshield smashed.
1860 Seneca--threats--warrant card issued.
27 Arbour Lane--Fraud--victim was issued 2 bad checks for $2,500 each.
2079 Seneca--crim mis--window broken with a rock.
183 Cable--harassment--suspect listed.
155 Altruria--Assault--1 arrest--Keith Ryan
34 Latona ct--1 arrest from Reckless Endangerment from 9-13-09...Cheryl Holy..Latona ct
897 S Division--2 arrests--Loitering for Prostitution--Nina McCabe...Bristol st,Kelly Sullivan...Metcalf st.
1877 Clinton--1 arrest--drugs---Diane Barnes

Friday Oct 2nd

419 Fulton--Burglary--forced rear door--WII game system,jewelry stolen.
159 Smith--larceny--Amp,speakers taken from apartment.
2157 Seneca St(Key Bank)--Robbery--B/M,30's,6'0",230 lbs,skull cap ,Navy military coat..suspect handed note,took unknown amount of cash, and fled North on Seneca in Maroon newer sedan with unknown driver.
44 Lester--UUV
128 Abbott--larceny--dog stolen..possible suspects live in 1500 block S Park.
Abbott/S Side--larceny from a car--cd player,keys,4 pair sunglasses stolen.
36 Weyand--harassment--phone threats by unk persons
195 Culver--crim mis--suspect listed.
32 Lester(lower)--assault--1 arrest--Joe Szafraniel Jr..
Foot of Smith--1 arrest--warrant---Zachary Heinrich...Greenwood...Bflo

Saturday Oct 3rd

S Park/Sheffield--larceny--camera stolen off bar
58 Como--larceny from car--pioneer stereo,800 Watt amp,speakers stolen.
430 S Side--larceny from a car--broken pass window...purse stolen.
A District--Sexual Offense report for 2 under aged children from Harvey Place--suspect listed.
197 S Legion--crim mis--screen cut/window broken--possible suspect listed.
716 Swan--crim mis--car window broken.
140 Sidway--2-Assaults--2 suspects listed.
193 Sheffield--Crim mis--suspect listed.
Hillary Park--Assault--suspect listed.
104 Fillmore--2 arrests--Nina McCabe..Bristol st...Disorderly conduct,open container.,thomas Kulik..Exchange st
94 Miami--harassment--1 arrest--Jose Serrano..Miami st
1846 Clinton st---traffic Stop--1 arrest--Drugs---Gregory Oesterle...South Lake st...Hamburg.

Sunday Oct 4th

819 McKinley--UUV
1408 S park--Burglary--door kicked in--(3) Gipson--Les Paul guitars stolen.
7 Zittel--Assault--suspect listed.
1986 S Park--Counterfeit Money/Larceny--1 arrest--Thomas Knabb...Parkview st.,,cashed fake $50.00 bill at Nicks.
433 Bailey--larceny--plumbing items stolen...suspect listed.
2326 Seneca--larceny from truck--power inverter stolen.
565 Abbott(Mercy Parking Ramp)--larceny from a car--Garmin GPS,IPOD Nano,hands free head set,cash stolen.1205 Seneca--Assault--warrant card issued.
1408 S park--crim mis--stiar damaged,cash stolen.
24 Hubbell--larceny from a car--speakers/Amp stolen...suspect listed.
128 Gilbert--Assault--suspect listed.
2167 Seneca--crim mis--unk W/F,keyed victims car.
43 Melvin Pl--1 arrest--warrant---Lawrence Melson...Rother ave
212 Abbott--Assault--1 arrest---James Stetzko...Abbott rd
111 Cushing--threats---possible suspect listed.
74 Dash--threats--suspect listed.
Cazenovia/Abbott--Crim mis--damage to door handle.

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