Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Orchard Park Leaders Openly Discriminate Against Poor Seniors

I found this article in today's Buffalo News to be hysterical. People, Inc. wanted to move lower income senior citizens into some Orchard Park apartments. An Orchard Park's zoning official said in a letter that they needed to see the zip codes of the people moving in. If the zip codes are not from Clarence or Amherst, forget about the idea. Leaders in Orchard Park aren't racist or anything. They don't discriminate. They despise you if you are poor-even if you are a poor white family. Why not just tell the truth?

Longtime Councilwoman Nan Ackerman can't believe anyone would insinuate that Quakertown discriminates in housing. She says there are plenty of black people living there. Records show that 5 out of every 1,000 residents are black. 133 out of 27,483. And that was probably taken in the month of October when the Buffalo Bills players live there. The only thing Ackerman didn't say was 'some of my best friends are black'.
She says town officials are concerned about all the potential paramedics calls they might get. Hilarious. What a ridiculous lie. Just admit it. You don't want anyone from Buffalo or Lackawanna (white or black) coming into your town. Nothing like stupid, ignorant people to make me laugh. I hope the planning board gets sued and I hope Councilmember Nan is forced to publicly explain who gave her the first name Nan.

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