Monday, October 19, 2009

Sam Hoyt- Entrenched Bozo Now is an Expert on Education

Assemblyman Sam Hoyt, a guy who would be digging ditches if his father wasn't Bill Hoyt, has come out with a new bill calling for the dramatic overhaul of schools. Hoyt, the Assemblyman who wrote those embarrassing emails to his twenty year old intern last year knows all about drama. He loves to grandstand in front of the cameras with his made up phony accent. In fact, Buffalo Teachers Union President Phil Rumore says, 'the most dangerous place in the world is between Assemblyman Sam Hoyt and a TV camera.'

Now,'Hollywood' Hoyt is an expert on Education. Give me a break. He claims the bill is partly due to frustration with the status quo. Yeah right. Sam Hoyt is the status quo! He's been in Albany since the mid 80s and has done absolutely nothing. He's a career politician and a walking advertisement for term limits.

According to the article, his bill is marked with hot button issues.The bottom line is this. If the Buffalo schools want to get better, they need to get everyone on board to restore order in the classroom. Start teaching these students discipline and consequences at an early age. Create alternative schools for the worst behaved students to separate them from the students who are willing to learn. Start holding some of these parents responsible for the behavior of their children. Sam Hoyt is the last person anyone should listen to regarding Education. This guy is a buffoon who has been in office way too long.

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