Saturday, October 17, 2009

crime stats 10/5-10/11

I think it's safe to say, Duerstein St. has it's share of problems. Also, it's safe to go to the Stop-N-Gas on Hopkins/Tifft. They were robbed and probably won't be hit again for 3-4 weeks.

Monday October 5th

Clinton/Jefferson--Larceny of a bike
142 Ryan--larceny--lock box stolen
S Park/Amber--larceny--wallet stolen of counter at Wilson/Farms
567 Exchange--larceny--over $13,000 worth of items ordered by unknown person from 84 Lumber stolen from this location.
S Park/Sheffield (Taltys)--larceny---$160.00 cash ,medication stolen from purse.
62 Cable--Burglary--safe,several guitars stolen.Safe found at foot of Weimar st.
220 Stevenson--Burglary--2 boilers stolen from garage.
11 Good--Burglary---copper piping stolen.
81 Aldrich--ID Theft--utilities turned on in victims name.
36 Trowbridge--Viol of Order of Protection--suspect listed.
819 McKinley--RUUV
157 Elk(School 33)--harassment from 10-1-09--Suspect arrested on 10-13-09.
173 Smith--assault---1 arrest--Shanna Edwards...Weaver st
Fillmore/Clinton--prostitution-1 arrest--Kelly Sullivan...Metcalfe st

Tuesday October 6th

155 Bailey(NOCO)--larceny--employees credit card stolen off counter.
41 Duerstein--larceny--$200.00 used on benifit card.
Cazenovia/N Legion--Robbery--2 arrests
Houghton Park--Robbery from 6-13-09--1 arrest--John Lattimer...Weimar st
103 Weimar--Drugs--1 arrest--Justin Janczylik...Humbolt..Angola NY
45 Troupe--3 arrests--marihuana..Donald Kemnitzer..Troupe st,Anthony Gretzler..Wheelock,Kachary
Kemnitzer...Troupe st.
45 Troupe--UUV--1 arrest--Donald Kemnitzer
McKinley/Bloomfield--Assault--suspect listed.
1075 William--Issuing Bad Check--Suspect listed.
197 S Legion--Burglary--broken basement window..$70.00 dollars stolen.Grandson was arretsed for Burglary here on later date.
420 Willet--Assault--1 arrest--Miroslav Masny...Willet st

Wednesday October 7th

41 Lilac--larceny--GPS stolen from car
194 Southside--larceny--guitar stolen--suspect listed.
319 Holly--Possesion of Forged Instrument/Larceny--1 arrest--Anthony Busard....Holly St
108 Cazenovia--larceny from a car--pas window broken--2 MP3 players stolen.
25 Abbott--Crim mis--window broken on car
1249 Clinton- phone threats
7 Folger--Assault--suspect listed.
39 Mt Vernon--Assault--warrant card issued.
69 Whitfield--threats

Thursday October 8th

931 Exchange--Narcotics--1 arrest---Jamell Scott..Clarence st..Bflo
220 stevenson(garage)--Burglary--1 arrest--Daniel Zaccarine...Stephenson st...West Seneca
462 Willet--Assault--suspect listed.
1111 Fuhrman--crim mis--portable sign damaged.
27 Kamper--assault--suspect listed.
122 sage--Violation of order of Protection---1 arrest--Michael Delaney...Sage st--arrested 10-08-09.
90 Hamburg--larceny--GPS,phone charger,wire snippers stolen from car
701 Seneca Suite 500--Burglary--suspect listed.
103 Orlando--phone harassment--suspect listed.
418 S park--Fraud--9 Checks cashed for $5,000 all fake & returned by bank.
133 Tennessee--Crim Mis/larceny from a car--broken window--IPOD ,IPOD dock stolen.
94 OConnell--larceny from a car--GPS,cash,IPOD stolen.
249 Babcock--crim mis--rock thrown thru window.
422 Louisianna--MRU search warrant--1 arrest--Rashawn Pennick...Johnson st---49 Bags crack,2 shotguns recovered.

Friday October 9th

Seneca/Duerstein--False Impersination--1 arrest--Charles Zaccarine..used dead brothers name.
Hamburg PD--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant--Darryle Canamme...Lynn O Park
54 Hopkins--phone threats
363 Hopkins(Stop N Gas)--Burglary--window smashed--cigarettes taken,computer stolen.
14 Wasson--threats--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Thomas Burtis..East Main st...Gowanda
40 Delaware--Forgery--1 arrest--Charles Zaccarine-attempt to avoid 2 warrants --used dead brothers name.
64 Duerstein--Burglary--money,medication,cologne stolen.

Saturday October 10th

40 Hayden--threats--suspect listed.
1926 Clinton--crim mischief--2 windows broken.
60 Ryan--assault--1 arrest---Patrick Shea...ryan St
A District--1 arrest--Burglary warrant---Mark Jozwiak...Colby st..Cheektowaga
A District--1 arrest--Tresspass/Crim mis--Mark Jozwiak
1460 South ParkCounterfeit money--suspect listed...Secret Service Notified.
341 Perry--larceny--license plate stolen.
197 S Legion-Burglary--suspect --Mark Jozniak...Colby Cheektowaga
197 S Legion--Burglary--above suspect(grandson)--broken in several times.

Sunday October 11th

279 Perry --crim mis/larceny from a car--window smashed--Stereo,IPOD,GPS stolen.
125 Arbour Lane--crim mis/larceny from a car--pass window smashed--wallet,cash stolen.
125 Arbour lane--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear window broken--medical items stolen.
173 Smith--threats--warrant card issued.
308 Fenton--UUV
1895 Clinton--Assault--friends boyfriend assaulted victim.
Hamburg PD--1 arrest on Buffalo warrant--Justin T Frank...Sheva Lane ..Hamburg--DWI warrant.
E Aurora PD...1 arrest--Buffao warrant--Rochell Lombardo..Fulton st ...Aggravated Unlicensed Operation.
459 Perry--Crim Mis/larceny from a car--window broken--stereo stolen.
278 Willet--threats--suspect listed.
45 Duerstein--harassment--1 arrest--Jeffery Treda ..Duerstein st
S Park/Altruria--Contempt of court Order--suspect listed.
1872 Seneca --assault--1 arrest--Carl Nye...Seneca St

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