Monday, October 19, 2009

Pigeon Droppings in Albany

The Buffalo News uses the word brazen. The Majority Leader of the New York Senate, Pedro (Don't call me Eric) Espada, has created a $70,000.00 no-show job for political hack David Pfaff. Pfaff's claim to fame is being friends with Steve Pigeon and Billionaire Tom Golisano. Remember, these were the same idiots that tried to give 'Baby Slow' Mesi his no-show job a few months ago. Golisano wouldn't pay one of the Sabres $70,000.00. Why should we pay one of his friends $70,000.00?

The job is being called an "upstate liason" to the Senate. Are you kidding me? That's what the people of Western New York elect their Senators to do. Entrenched Senators Bill Stachowski, Dale Volker, and Antoine Thompson were all 'elected' by the ignorant fraction of voters they call their constituents. Where do they stand on this ridiculous hire? They are all silent.

We tried to reach Senator Stachowski for comment. He was last seen on Route 5 asking motorists for directions to his Clinton St. office. Espada represents a poor district from the Bronx yet lives in an affluent New York suburb. Stachowski represents S. Bflo and Kaisertown yet lives in Lake View. The state is in great debt. All of us have paid the new fees created because of outrageous things like this. Please help spread the word and call for this new 'job' to be eliminated.

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