Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Captain Lou Albano- Dead at 76

Wrestling manager "Captain" Lou Albano died today at the age of 76. From New York City, Albano was the most hated man in wrestling for 15 years, according to the WWE's official website. Albano was the manager of the Wild Samoans as well as the Fabulous Moolah. Perhaps he is best known for starting a feud with pop star Cindy Lauper in the mid 1980s based on Albano's chauvinistic beliefs. Here is a clip which shows exactly when their feud began on Piper's Pit. Lauper was just starting to become popular. Albano knew her on her way up, even appearing in her breakout video Girls Just Want to Have Fun. He tries to capitalize on her new fame (Albano was the Steve Pigeon of professional wrestling). In this clip, amongst other things, he tries to take credit for writing the love song Time After Time. Albano, known for his Hawaiian shirts and his rubber band wrapped beard, makes his appearance at about 2:20. If you get a chance, it's worth waiting for. R.I.P. Captain Lou.

Wrestler, personality Captain Lou Albano dies at 76 -*

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