Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Swing and a Miss

The town of Grand Island has asked the local swingers group to change their itinerary for this weekend's convention at the Grand Island Holiday Inn. Body painting and the 'Club Erotica' dance party have been scratched along with a few motivational speakers and power point presenters. By the way, are these convention goers called delegates?

Honestly, who really cares what people do behind closed doors? None of them are committing any crimes. They are all adults and are all contributing to the local economy. It looks like Reverend Steve Whateverhislastname is trying to get his name in the local papers. What ever happened to helping poor families or the elderly? Isn't that the role of a minister?

Weirder than the people attending this convention are the people writing down license plate numbers in the parking lot. I thought I had a lot of free time. People in glass houses...Ah never mind. Thurman Thomas' statue, swingers, Dick Jauron's billboard? Wake me up when we have some real news stories.

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