Saturday, October 24, 2009

Health Care Debate

I know a great deal about health care reform. In fact, I used to wash dishes at Mercy Hospital in Buffalo. Actually, I don't know anything about health care reform. That's the problem. The powers that be are not selling the proposed changes to the current system to the common person.

Where are the strong citizen activist reformers? Have they been silenced by the pharmaceutical companies? I don't know. I can't get excited about Obama's plan because I don't know any specifics about it. I know, like with everything else, the wealthy have better health care than you and I in this country. I remember people were dropping like flies in the early nineties with the AIDS virus, yet Magic Johnson looked like the picture of health. I think if people were told how the new plan was going to affect them, it might gain some momentum.

The following is a clip courtesy of my sister Teresa, of Senator Al Franken (formerly known as Stuart Smalley) addressing Diana Furchtgott-Roth, a Hudson Institute Senior Fellow on bankruptcies due to health care. I don't like when people ask questions that they already know the answers to. It's also funny when Furchtgott-Roth asks Franken a question about cancer survival rates. She tried to turn the tables on him with a question she knew the answer to. You can tell these two don't like each other.

I wonder who was the first woman to add her maiden name to her married name with a hyphen? Mary Magdaline-Smith? How did this lady become a senior fellow? Wouldn't they come up with a different name for women in this position besides fellow? Also, did you know Al Franken admits to being a former cocaine user? He doesn't look like a druggie but you never can tell. Anyway, someone tell me when the health care debate reaches you and I. Until then, expect to see more long boring hearings like this. At least this exchange was entertaining.

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