Sunday, October 4, 2009

Please Recall This Guy

New York State's Finest Piece of White Trash, State Senator Bill Stachowski

Man, my pictures really stink. But you get the point. How does this man sleep at night? Read the article in today's Buffalo News. It documents how a borderline disabled man can stay in office for almost 30 years. Have you ever seen this man walking around your neighborhood? Chances are, you won't either. Bill Stachowski has no shame. He doesn't live next door to you. He was elected almost 30 years ago based solely on his last name. If it wasn't for his father, this guy would be making buttered lambs in the Broadway Market.

Today's article talks about how he and Senator Dale Volker (another bottom feeder) have been able to stay in office for so long. This article shows how New York State government is not a democracy. If you're going to keep voting for Stachowski every so many years, at least buy a dozen eggs to throw at him in public. Someone please tell me there is a jail cell with his name on it somewhere.
Pork dollars are in essence buying votes*

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