Saturday, September 26, 2009

crime stats 9/14-9/20

Monday September 14th

155 Bailey--shoplifting--2 arrests---Adam Camacho...Houston st....Shannon Carr...O'Connell st
Cazenovia Park--Domestic Assault---warrant card issued.
88 Fields --Gang assault...1 suspect liste...1w/m,3 b/m's assaulted victm.
279 Perry---larceny--stolen ring
Mackinaw/Kentucky--larceny---car stereo stolen
16 Latona Ct---larceny--cash stolen from purse--suspects listed.
64 Kenefick--larceny--bike stolen --possible suspect listed.
! Fulton--larceny--wallet stolen.
326 Mystic--assault---1 arrest---Jeremiah Crum
101 Milford--harassment---warrant card issued.
125 Cable--crim mis--window broken.
2198 S Park--1 arrest--Michael Morgan...NPA....defendant gave officers fake name.
1925 S Park--tresspassing--Unk older B/M was in yard going thru coolers.
Cazenovia Park--sex offense--victim was subject to unwanted touching---suspect listed---referred to Sex Offense Squad.

Tuesday Sept 15th

11 Downing--assault--1 arrest--Joseph Bialaszewski.
11 Zittel--larceny from car--wallet/cash stolen.
344 Perry--UUV
2426 S Park--UUV155 Bailey--V&T--1 arrest---Ashley Weston..E Windcott ct Cheek...poss of marijuana
116 Smith--harassment--suspect listed.
77 Sage -assault--suspect listed.
435 Perry apt#4--assault--suspect listed.
2098 Seneca--harassment--1 arrest--Darryl Barnes..Hopkins st
18 Olcott--stalking--suspect listed.
Tifft/Fuhrman--1 arrest--drugs--Todd Szakall..Abbott rd..Lackawanna
319 Alabama--RUUV

Wednesday Sept 16th

2024 Clinton #2---assault--1 arrest---Ronald Toy...Altruria st
2024 Clinton--Domestic/Larceny--1 arrest--Ronald Toy
55 Euclid--assault--1 arrest--Peter Walker Jr.
319 Holly--forgery--suspect took title to vehicle and forged victims name.
565 Abbott--larceny--Tops Gift card stolen from glove box--used at Tops seneca st.
279 Perry 6a--larceny--jewelry stolen--possible suspect listed.
160 Gilbert--Burglary--stolen playstation 3,6 games--warrant card issued for suspect.
199 Orlando--threats--suspect listed.
20 Lakewood--crim mis--window on house broken.
209 weiss---harassment--suspect listed.
95 Hayden--crim mis--suspect listed.
80 James E Casey--phone threats
113 Aldrich--threats--suspect listed.
101 Milford--threats--suspect listed.
106 Stevenson--threats165 Lockwood--phone threats--suspect listed.
1316 S Park--1 arrest--drugs--Dewayne Gray..Michigan Ave
95 Pulaski--threats with shovel--suspect listed.

Thursday Sept 17th

McKinley/Almont--Robbery---4 arrests---Joseph Frohnheiser..Riverview pl,..3 juev co-defendants--pulled a knife and robbed victims bike.
134 Ladner--Burglary--money stolen from jewelry box--possible suspects work for Neighborhood Housing Services.
865 Elk--UUV--vehicle recoverd with 1 arrest in Gerard PA..Corey A Potts...No Perm Address.
245 Swan--crim mis/larceny from car--window smashed ,stereo and amp stolen.
312 Perry --larceny--suspect is stealing aluminum doors from project units.
56 McCamley--larceny from car--tools stolen.
Abbott/Woodside--crim mis--rock thrown thru window.
2089 Seneca--larceny--wallet taken off counter at Buz N Bee.
122 Aldrich--larceny--items sold--suspect listed.
79 Kentucky--UUV/assault--warrant card issued.
Caz/N Legion--RUUV--recoverd for Pasco county Florida...suspects listed..vehicle involved in a hit & run from 2199 Seneca st.
72 Ryan--contempt of court order..suspect listed.
68 O'Connell--harassment--warrant card isued.
280 Seneca--V&T--1 arrest --drugs--Ashley Cicatello...Hamburg st
77 Edson--crim mis--tires flattened.
555 Hopkins--ID Theft--
698 S Ogden--crim mis--window broken
198 Amber--threats--suspect listed.
279 Perry apt#4--1 arrest--dis con/drugs--Michael Johnson...Kay st
94 Weimar--harassment--suspect listed.
78 Griswold--assist air 1 --3 arrests---Bradley Cambell..Barnard,Eric Voigt...Griswold,Timothy Voigt..Griswold st.
846 S Park--crim mis--1 arrest---Daniel Collins...S Park ave.
846 S Park--stalking--1 arrest--Daniel Collins
101 Milford--threats--1 arrest--Daniel Dublino..Parker...Hamburg NY

Friday Sept 18th

2091 Seneca--V&T-- 1 arrest--Christopher Marks(Brooklyn)--drove vehicle into building after fleeing Police Officers.Several bags on mrijuana also recovered.
Caz Park(basketball courts)--Robbery--2 arrests---Nicholas Knezevic..Whitehall....Kevin Murphy...Summit ave.. Orchard Park.
137 Vincennes--assault--1 arrest---Jamie Wild.
100 Athol--larceny from a car--broken drivers window,change & phone charger stolen.
727 Bailey--larceny---phone stolen of ledge--suspect listed.
16 S Cedar--Robbery--2 victims robbed at gun point--suspects are 2 B/M's,1st 6'2",light skinned,black car hardt jacket,blk jeans,18-21 ,yellow bandana..2nd...5'2",dark,black carhart,black jeans,ski mask..Suspects driving a dark Blue ribs or hubcaps...fled North on Cedar.
S Park/Olcott--reckless driving---1 arrest---Adel Abdullah...Genesee st.
16 Glenn st--crim mis--car keyed.
134 Eden--Burglary--items -removed from house..suspects possibly worked for Neighborhood Housing Services doing work in the house.
85 Athol--larceny from a car--cash taken,mirror damaged.
82 Bloomfield--harassment--suspect listed.
48 Red Jacket--1 arrest--poss of stolen property---Jennifer Merritt...Goodrich..Clarence
153 Crystal--larceny from a car--laptop and bok stolen.
160 Abbott--crim mis/larceny from a car--window broken--2 amps stolen damage to racks.
21 Eaglewood--threats--suspect listed.
418 S Park--larceny--suspect listed.
Bailey/S Park--larceny--purse taken
157 Aldrich--harassment---suspect listed.
87 Kamper--larceny--playstation stolen--suspects listed.

Saturday Sept 19th

315 Union Ship Canal--assault--suspect listed.
133 Gilbert--larceny--warrant card issued.
Seneca/Ryan--larceny from a car---GPS,radar detector,tools stolen...also wallet from 2nd victim.
481 Abbott--attempt larceny---B/M suspect did attempt to steal case of cigarttes from TRIPPI foods truck...suspect fled west on Columbus.
Jefferson/Clinton--V&T--1 arrest DWI--Christopher Griffin..Progressive ave
400 Exchange--crim mis--obscene word scratch into car door.
105 Ladner--harassment--unk suspect
187 Melrose--arson--couch on porch started on fire.117 Louisianna--harassment--suspect listed.
151 Seymour--crim mis--suspect listed.
45 Seymour-assault--suspect listed.

Sunday Sept 20th

208 OConnell--UUV--moped stolen
78 Dash--larceny--suspect listed.
2171 Seneca--Burglary--1 arrest--Mark Delmonte...52 Hayden
S Park/OKell--Robbery--2 arrests--Courtney Dickinson...S Park...Andre Page...Mortimer st
Caz Park--Robbery--5 arrest--Mathew Handesty..Remington pl..Joseph Weisner & 3 Juev co defendants did assault victim and take $10.00 from wallet.
Clinton/Koepernick--1 arrest--Possesion of marijuana---Bianna Massey...Pamona st
William/Bailey--assault---1 arrest---Derrick Clendening....Sherman st
Seneca/Harrison--assault--suspect listed.
320 Perry--threats--suspect listed.
Seneca/Mineral Springs--1 arrest--Viol order of protection.---Mark delmonte---Hayden st
Seneca/Mineral Springs--1 arrest--drugs---Mark Delmonte---Hayden st
101 Fredro--crim mis--dent on car door
865 Elk--crim mis--bb hole in 4' by5' window.
126 Milton--crim mis--several windows shot out of car...posible bb gun.
1800 Clinton(Autumn Wood Senior Center)--2 --4' by 8' windows shattered by unknown object.
1708 Clinton st--crim mis--driver side car window broken by unknown means.

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  1. Where do you get these statistics?

  2. Every week, the chief from the South District (Brian Strobele) sends them out. I usually post them on Saturdays on the blog. I also forward them via email to people that request them. If you'd like them forwarded to you, please leave me your email address or send it to Thanks.