Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Beware-Cross Dressing Freak on the Loose

So, according to this story in today's Buffalo News, there are guys walking around at 5 in the morning on a Tuesday night looking to rob underwear. Scary. This guy is willing to pull out a knife and be charged with armed robbery over a pair of $35 hot pink underwear. I wonder what Irv Weinstein would have to say about this? People told me it would be hard to find material for this blog?...

Armed robber steals hot pink underwear

An armed robber escaped with some hot pink underwear from a Niagara Street adult gift shop early Tuesday, according to Buffalo police reports.

A representative for the Great American News store at 1700 Niagara St. told police the thief entered the building at about 5:45 a. m. brandishing a knife. He then proceeded to throw a display case to the ground and stole the underwear, valued at $35. It was unclear whether he made off with any other items, police said.


  1. I am so annoyed right now!!! My uncle totally promised he'd stop all that madness!!!

  2. haha, Annie. i told Myron at the consumer dinner that i read about him in the paper. strange