Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Original Balloon Boy

We all know last week's story of balloon brat was a hoax perpetrated by his equally annoying father. We're learning today that Richard Heene, AKA father of balloon boy, is also a former TV weatherman. That explains a lot.

Here is the story of "Lawn chair" Larry Walters. He was way ahead of balloon boy. Walters was the California guy that strapped his lawn chair to 42 helium balloons and flew up to 16,000 feet into the sky. He went up with a BB gun to shoot out the balloons so he could land. For some reason, the story doesn't start until about 30 seconds into this clip. Walters sold the rights to his story and is rumored to become a millionaire.Listen to the sound of his girlfriend's screeching voice and you have to wonder if, despite this, he's still happy to have survived the flight.

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