Saturday, October 10, 2009

Something Needs To Be Done

I was driving by the Southtowns YMCA the other night. What a beautiful building. The facilities inside are second to none. I thought it is a great place for people like you and I to go exercise. But then I started thinking about the elite S. Buffalo families. Regular readers of this blog know the 10 families I'm referring to. Where are they supposed to go? They shouldn't have to go anywhere near us. They are way too important. Can you imagine if they had to share the same pool water as us common folk? The Saturn Club and the BAC are ok but these people need something less public and more secluded. If we're lucky, after they build the health club, they might let one of us come in and change the chlorine in their olympic sized pool (after hours of course).

Then I got to thinking. What about the schools in this area? Nichols, Nardin, and Park are all decent places for the run of the mill upper class to get an education. However, our privileged friends need something better. Something along the lines of a New England boarding school, so their mongoloid half bred kids can be far enough away from us untouchables. I can't understand why they're all mongoloid either. I mean, aren't first and second cousins supposed to mate and have kids? They do it in Alabama all the time.

I hope someone reading this can help us solve this dilemma. These people need our help. Can you imagine what would happen if they had to do more things side by side with us? Oh, the humanity. We need more country clubs, boarding schools, and restricted clubs. Tifft Farms playfield should be converted into a polo grounds so the elitists can impress their friends and socialize properly. I would be perfectly willing to pick up after the horses. It would be such an honor. Anything for the S. Buffalo, education hating, elitist, lazy inbred, politically entitled snobs.

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