Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I went to Walgreens tonight. Very exciting. I know. You might hear about it on the local news later.

I remember going to Dunnes Pharmacy on Seneca St. growing up. It was always dirty and smelled like Vix and old people at bingo. It was usually pretty crowded and that was in an era before most of the population were on various anti-psychotic medications. Drug stores have really evolved. In fact, 90% of the products at Walgreens aren't even of the medical variety. I like the store because it's clean and open 24 hours. Also, it's not big like Tops or Wegmans. You can walk through the whole store in under 20 minutes. Rite Aid closes early and is often too dirty.

Shampoo and razors were on my shopping list tonight. However, there were interesting things for sale on almost every aisle. They have many fleece products. Fleece is an essential for Western NY winters. I was going to buy a fleece blanket but decided it was too costly. I also noticed those Snuggies. They're the fleecelike blankets you wear like a coat at home when you're on the couch. Why didn't you or I come up with that idea? The people in those infomercials look too strange for me to buy one, though. One of the Snuggies is even designed with leopard spots on it. That's just too bizarre on several different levels. Pass.

I then found a giant pillow for under five bucks. I had to get it since one of my pillows at home shrunk. There's nothing worse than a shrunken pillow except maybe stepping in a cold puddle and getting your wet feet. I did that downtown one day at work and was sick for two weeks. There also was a pop-open laundry hamper for only four bucks. I was going to buy two but settled on one. It's nice but a little small. It only fits three days worth of clothes. I probably should have bought two. Live and learn, I guess.

There was a cool neck brace in the old people's section next to the walkers. I almost bought it. My neck hurts from excessive laptop blogging. I had to pass, though. When I get paid next week, I might get it. If I get in some kind of car accident later, it will be nice to have one handy.

I stopped at the school supply section out of habit. I'm at school every day and never see compuses or protractors anymore. I was going to buy one just in case I have to draw a circle around one of my blog pictures. Money's tight these days, though. I chose to wait.

Probably, the coolest thing I saw was a hands free device that lets you talk on your phone and drive. You know, we're all so important that we can't wait until we finish our drive to talk on the phone. It works through your car radio and is essentially a glorified speaker phone. You actually have to go to a specific FM station for it to work. I think it was station 99.3 but I'm not sure. At $20, I decided to pass until after I get the neck brace. Does anyone remember when the only people that had portable phones were doctors? It makes you wonder what doctors have now that you and I won't have access to until 2040. Who would have thought that a simple trip to the drug store would lead to so many questions? It's time to go to bed.

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