Sunday, October 11, 2009


Did you see this story in today's Buffalo News? Ken "Pinto Kenny" Johnson will have attended his 250th straight Bills game this afternoon. His streak started in 1994. He not only goes to the home games. He also attends the away games and drives to them also, if it is less than a 10 hour drive. Talk about someone that needs to have his head examined. Johnson drives his 1980 Ford Pinto, which has 186,000 miles on it, to every home game. He also uses the hood of his car to grill hamburgers and chicken wings before each game. He's been to every home game since 1984.

This is the difference between being a fan and being a headcase. A fan might buy season tickets. Johnson's bizarre devotion to the team borders on fanatical. It might be time to make that appointment with the therapist like you've been thinking about, Pinty.

Breaking News...
One of our reporters spoke to Pinto immediately after today's Bills 6-3 loss to the Browns. He said he was no longer a fan of football and instead would probably be going to a movie next Sunday.

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