Thursday, October 15, 2009

Balloon Brat

This little punk should be grounded. The story of the six year old Denver boy and his runaway balloon should end today, but now it will take on a life of it's own. Thanks to 24 hour tabloid news, we'll be hearing about the balloon boy until he heads off to college. Keep your eye on this little brat's father. He already appeared on the show Wife Swap and he's a self professed 'storm chaser'. I don't even know what that means and I'll probably have to look it up. The father's hobbies include looking for extraterrestrials and building flying saucers. Looks like dad likes to be the center of attention so expect him to try and capitalize on his 15 minutes. My first impression is that he looks like a creep. Hey idiot. Stop looking for ET and try watching your kids?

The story does have a surreal Wizard of Oz quality to it, though. We all remember the balloon scene from the land of Oz. When you woke up today, I'll bet the last thing you thought people would be talking about was a story about kid and a weather balloon (and one that didn't even involve Michael Jackson). This story is a nice segway to an 80s classic. I think we'll go with the English version over the German one:

6-year-old Colorado boy found alive after setting balloon adrift -*


  1. Dad made the kids act in a You Tube video where they swear and fart even has the little guy smeared in some brown stuff to look like poo while sitting on a toilet.Daddy Dipsh-t then posted it on line for perpetuity!Dad seems awfully worried someone will think his boys and he are (as he puts it Pussys)I wonder why dad is Soooo concerned about that? It might lead some of us to think he doth protest too much.Might be dad has something to compensate for? He also thinks that swearing, farting in public talking about scatching balls makes the man! Well it makes something but then I wouldn't want to hang out with it.

  2. The German version translates to 99 "air" balloons. Guess red sounds better in English.

  3. Yea. i think dade's problems are going to be out there for everyone to see soon. Observer, I never knew that. that's interesting. thanks for the info. i always liked the English version better(probably because i don't understand German.)