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crime stats 8/31-9/06 the 1st incident reported is worth noting

Monday August 31st

city hall--crim mis--interfering with police investigation of Leonard Stokes--suspect looks like Steve Urkel from TV show Family to be running the city
130 Cushing--Crim Mis/Larceny from a car---door pryed open tereo stolen
South Park/Bailey--larceny--wallet stolen from car at TOPS on 8-27-09
913 Tifft--larceny--several items stolen during mo2 suspects listed.
777 McKinley--larceny--credit card used without permission.
1971 South Park--shoplifter---1 arrest---William Clancy..Lilac ...18 pack of beer stolen.
149 Cambria--Burglary--front door forced--copper pipes removed.
93 Hayward--1 arrest for Robbery from 8-27-09...juvenile female arrested.
1570 South Park--crim mis--window damaged--suspect listed.
Fillmore/Hardwood--1 arrest--prostitution---Barbara Knapp...Exchange st
Seneca/Bailey--1 arrest--Santana Sontiago..Spaulding st..drugs/Obstruction.
S Park/reading--V&T/Drugs--1 arrest--Nelmer Ceopedo..Parkside

Tuesday Sept 1st

54 Columbus--Fraud--ex husband charged on credit card...$4,938.00
140 Sidway--larceny--money stolen from purse--suspect listed.
1790 Clinton--larceny--trailer stolen.
12 Leamington--Burglary--1 arrest on 9-2-9..David Patton ..Seneca st
S Park/Smith--1 arrest---DWI--Brian Newmann...Breighton...Sandy Springs..Georgia
Botanical Gardens--crim mis--2 glass panels damaged on greenhouse.
75 Aldrich--RUUV
743 McKinley--phone threats--known suspect
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Bradley Acker..Harlem rd...west Seneca
106 Spann--threats--suspect listed
97 Mariemont---harassment--suspect listed.
106 Kamper--threats--suspect listed.
563 Hopkins--1 arrest--Poss of forged instrument(U.S.treasury check)---Derrick white...Hopkins
87 Weaver--menacing--unk suspect pointed a gun at complt.
Seneca/Fillmore--1 arrest--marijuana---Willie D Hardy...Townsend
84 Mariemont--harassment---suspect listed.
325 Baraga--threats--suspect listed.
605 Fulton--threats--1 arrest--James Frost...Fulton st--poss of weapon(knife)---menacing.

Wednesday Sept 2nd

975 Abbott(Wilson Farms)--Burglary--window broken--unk amount of items stolen.
67 Good--larceny--inspection sticker stolen
418 S Park--larceny--Money taken from benefit card.
1115 Seneca(Cigars)--crim mis--window broken & sign damaged by known person.
150 Peabody--larceny--bike stolen from front lawn.
435 Bailey--larceny--money withdrawn from checking account with out permission.
1439 South Park--Burglary--copper pipes taken from basement.
110 Lockwood--harassment--suspect listed.
1460 South Park(TOPS)--assault--1 arrest--Franklin Mietlicki...william St
1989 Seneca(TOPS)--shoplifter--1 arrest---Rebecca Schmidt...Main st ..east Aurora
Caz Casino--1 arrest--Gary Colvin---tresspassing/warrants---
80 Abbott--Burglary--window broken--copper pipes stolen.
Caz Park Casino--1 arrest--Public Lewdnes...John Ames...ramona st
OKell Playground--harassment--suspect listed.
158 Jefferson---V&T--3 arrests--drugs....Jeffery McCrayer...N Ogden. Defendant.Harrison...Hayward st...Rashawn Pennick...Johnson st
2406 S park--shoplifter--1 arrest--John Musiak Center st...Buffalo
2360 Seneca--assault--3 victims ..assaulted in MR Sports Bar--suspects listed.

Thursday Sept 3rd

123 Orlando--Robbery atempt---1 arrest---Lana Chutko...Vermont st
Cazenovia Park--larceny--football stolen from unlocked car.
1620 S park--forgery--suspect forged checks and cashed same.
Abbott/Bailey--larceny--wallet taken
699 Abbott--phone threats--suspect listed.
1205 Seneca--Drugs--1 arrest on complt of drug sales...Juan Oliveras ..374 Swan st
S Park/Amber--Robbery...possible suspects listed.
206 Elk--crim mis--car damaged by known suspect.
11 Roseville--Burglary In Progress---1 arrest--Michael Tait...361 Fargo..

Friday Sep 4th

8 Cable--threats with knife--1 arrest---Mark Palmowski..Cable st
26 Cumberland--harassment--1 arrest---Frank Zawistowski..
1895 Clinton st(Dads)--narcotics use in bar...3 arrests---Dawn Wachowicz...147 Barnard st...George Cipressi...180 Weimar...Chargn McCudden..NPA..Cocaine possesion.
205 Dingens--phone threats--suspect listed.
430 South Park(Catholic Health Systems)--crim mis--possible bullet holes in window.
Abbott/Red Jacket--assault--suspect listed.
Abbott/edgewood--1 arrest for Obstruction....Ralph Witt..Mesa Arizona
Southside/Abbott--larceny--wallet taken from KFC.
Kelburn St--Rape--victim reports 2 unk B/M did take her in house and force her to have sex--suspects driving a white Ford wagon with a black fender or door on drivers side.Victim can not ID.
2098 Seneca--harassmnet--suspect listed.
94 Weimar--phone threats--suspect listed.

Saturday Sept 5th

1182 Seneca--Crim mis--1 arrest--Kevin Dean...Red Jacket Pkwy
Red Jacket/Abbott--harassment--1 arrest--Kevin dean..Red Jacket Pkwy
938 Exchange--assault--1 arrest--James OBrien...Andrew
Louisianna/O'Connell--lRUUV--suspect listed.
93 Parkview--threats--suspect listed.
940 S Park--Burglary--screen removed from window--purse taken
Foot of Leddy st--RUUV
162 Selkirk--crim mis--driver side mirror broken
1267 Seneca--phone threats--suspect listed.
A District--1 arrest --warrant--Anthony Gretzler...wheelock
Dingens Service road--1 arrest--warrant---Joseph Zanghi....Edward st
105 Carlyle--Burglary/Assault--1 arrest--Joseph Swartz...NPA
2219 South Park--threats--1 arrest--James Murray...Marilla st
A District--1 arrest on warrant---Andrew Dumas...Kimberly st
171 W Woodside--crim mis--8 Keppel--Viol of Order of Protection--suspect listed.

Sunday Sept 6th

South Park/McCamley--larceny--bike stolen--possible suspect listed.
2426 S Park(Reckios)--crim mis--vehcile damaged by known suspect during a large fight.
2426 S Park(Reckios)--harassment--warrant card issued.
75 Princeton--Burglary/Robbery/Assault--suspect listed.
401 Germania--Burglary--food,dvds stolen
133 altruria--Crim mis--van damaged
76 Garvey--fight--1 arrest--Delores Makowski
A District--1 arrest--warrant---Anna Tenerowicz..sweetland rd...Evans
155 Bailey--shoplifter--1 arrest--Kellie McCarthy...W Woodside
42 Edson--crim mis--1 arrest---Issa Ghani..
Cazenovia Park--assault from 6-21-09--1 arrest---Issa Ghani
57 Ryan--assault--1 arrest---James J Baker
927 Exchange--prostitution--1 arrest---Nicole R Pupenbroke...Exchange st
Trowbridge/Hopkins--1 arrest--poss of marijuana...Jamal Powell...Trowbridge
2348 seneca--1 arrest--V&T---John M Keller....Woodcrest..west Seneca
114 Aldrich--assault--1 arrest--Charles W Mobus

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