Saturday, October 24, 2009

crime stats 10/12-10/18

Gay as a goose.

Crazier than a loon.

There were lots of smash and grab car break ins in the city. The thieves look in the car. They break the glass and steal what they want. It's not a good idea to leave anything valuable in your car, especially overnight. It's a huge pain to get the window replaced. This is one quality of life crime I wish the city would get serious about enforcing. There are many criminals downtown who do this daily as a living. Even if caught, these crooks are out of jail shortly, thereafter. Thank you lenient judges.

Monday Oct 12th

111 Colgate--Burglary--wood pryed off back door--unknown larceny at this time.
89 Weaver--UUV--car stolen why owner was warming it up with the keys in the ignition.
1460 S Park(TOPS)-larceny--cell phone stolen
2050 S Park--larceny--white coat stolen from laundry.
891 S Park--prowler call--unknown person(s)--did try to remove several items from the yard.
868 E Eagle--phone harssment --suspect listed.
79 Kentucky--RUUV
300 Dorrance--assault--
1956 Seneca--harassment--suspect listed.
69 Gorski-harassment--suspect listed.
22 Pries--assault---1 arrest--Michael Hoopengarner...Pries ave
826 Seneca--Traffic Stop/Drugs--3 arrests--Aaron Wright...Sprenger,Jarvis Whiters..Kermit,Nicole Pupenbroke...Exchange st.
127 weaver--crim mis--brick thrown thru car window,car keyed,suspect listed.

Tuesday Oct 13th

194 Southside Apt #1--Burglary games,laptop,jewelry stolen.
1849 Clinton--Burglary--cash & credit card stolen.
171 Crystal--burglary--computer,monitor and TV stolen..suspect listed.
171 Crystal(upper)--Burglary--laptop stolen.
193 Hancock--larceny--compuetr,keys and bank card stolen.
154 O'Connell--crim mis/larceny from car--drivers window broken--IPOD with charger stolen.
150 Sidway--crim mis/larceny from car--window smashed--cell phone stolen
16 Remoleno--larceny--IPOD stolen
274 Miami--Crim mis/larceny from a car--driver side window broken,IPOD,Camera,wallet stolen.
148 Vandalia--larceny from a car--IPOD,IPOD docking station,knife stolen.
274 Miami--crim mis/larceny from a car--drivers window broken,paperwork stolen,meds taken.
61 Sidway--crim mis/larceny from a car--driver side window broken,stereo stolen.
28 Sidway--crim mis/larceny from a car--driver side window broken,stereo,cash stolen.
314 Fenton--assault--1 arrest--Thomas Welch..Fenton st
Chicago/S Park--assault--warrant card issued.
206 Babcock--threats--possible suspect listed.
839 Perry--Child Neglect--1 arrest--Lisa Golston.
195 Culver--assault--1 arrest--Mone Witherspoon...Peckham st
140 Macamley--assault--warrant card issued.
58 Crystal--harassment--suspect listed.
365 Perry--Assault--warrant card issued.

Wednesday Oct 14th

1167 S Park--drugs--1 arrest--Alberto Dejesus...Altruria...
417 Perry--crim mis--suspect listed.
45 Rutland--assault--1 arrest--Kirk McCabe...Lakewood ave
1005 Abbott(Reeses Store)--Burglary--1 arrest--Michael Woelfle..137 Gilbert st
167 Parkview--fight--4 arrests---Steven Santiago..Hudson st,Daniel Colon...West ave,Joshua Rojas...Rhode Island st,Michael Rivera..Maryland ave...all arrested for disorderly conduct.
16 Carter --assault--1 arrest--Pamela Nendza.
19 Hopkins--men cutting trees in Botanical Gardens--2 arrests--Timothy Waz..S Park ave,Michael Waz..Lake rd..Silver Creek
Princeton/Seneca--Harassment--1 arrest--Robert Butler..Forestal..west Seneca
2085 S Park--Burglary--entry thru rear door.Cash stolen from drawer and safe.
113 Peabody--larceny--suspect listed.
185 Columbus--phone threats--suspect listed.
91 Kentucky--UUV--2006 Polar ATV--Bright Yellow--NYREG 96YP65.
2259 S Park--crim mis--several car windows broken--possible suspect listed.

Thurs Oct 15th

1907 James E Casey--larceny--cell phone stolen--suspect listed.
51 Pritchard--larceny--unk B/M did steal gas chop saw and fled in black van towrds Seneca st.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Kathy Lambert...Aurora ave ..West Seneca
173 Smith--Burglary--entry thru bathroom window---60" tv, jewelry,playstation & games stolen.
2334 S Park--Burglary--window broken in front of house.
995 Abbott--crim mis/trespassing--2 vehicles in rear yard damaged.
17 Mesmer--crim mis--warrant card issued.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Glendon Hummel Irving NY
346 Hopkins--threats--suspect listed.
1179 Seneca--Crim mis--unknown vehicle did damage lot around (THE Buffalo) at Seneca/Babcock.
2263 S Park--harassment--suspect listed.
312 Smith--crim mis--driverside mirror broken.
East Aurora PD--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant--Kimberly Doyle..N Legion.
Mineral Springs/Hillery--1 arrest--Falsely reporting an incident--Ronald Newman...Benzinger st
1998 Clinton--threats--warrant card issued.
28 Wasson--threats--suspect listed.
7 Zittel--threats--warrant card issued.

Friday Oct 16th

297 S Ogden--UUV
2326 Seneca--larceny--25 screens removed from driveway
445 Abbott--larceny--wallet taken from counter
2097 Seneca(Buz n Bee)--larceny--1 arrest--Juan Ortiz..Edson st printed out 5 money orders and stole them.
858 S Park--Burglary--1 arrest--Felix Puyavena...Perry st..climbed thru upper window stole 5 DVDs
2085 S Park--Burglary--upper door forced open--2 inside doors damaged.
727 Bailey(Bowl INN)--Burglary--entry thru trap door,register stolen.
77 Weyand--harassment--suspect listed.
2426 S Park--tresspassing --1 arrest--Melissa Strobele...Abbott rd
42 Gorski--assault--warrant card issued.
1410 Fuhrmann--1 arrest--posesion of froged Registration sticker---Russell Fuller..Abbott rd
223 Smith--1 arrest--Tyson Williams..Endangering child,harassment.
407 S Division--crim mis--damage to front entry door.
297 S Ogden--RUUV

Saturday Oct 17th

1610 S Park--crim mis/larceny from a car--rear window smashed..GPS,stereo,camera stolen.
A District--1 arrest--warrant--Anthony Diana...Norman st
50 Weiss--threats with a knife--suspect listed.
N Legion/Yale--Robbery--2 unknown B/M's did assault and rob victim of $40.00.
757 Bailey--assault--suspect listed.
159 Mineral Springs---larceny from a car--Garmin GPS,coins,house keys stolen.
Clinton/Bailey--Contempt of court order--warrant card issued.
West Seneca PD--1 arrest--Buffalo warrant---Amber Maude..Edson st
34 Seminole--RUUV
26 Riverview--assault--warrant card issued.
33 Wheelock--threats--warrant card issued.
213 Mineral Springs--crim mis--rear window on car broken.
34 Seminole--harassment---1 arrest--Randall Tesmer ..Whitfield ave
490 N Legion--threats---warrant card issued.
2140 Seneca--1 arrest--William Krebs...Weyand st---disorderly conduct.
Marilla/S Park--1 arrest--James Garry....Marilla st....for stalking.
1267 Seneca--threats--1 arrest---Charles Rodriguez..Seneca st
295 Cable--assault--suspect listed.
16 Dash--larceny of a bike--1 arrest---Decarrio Sanders...Macamley st

Sunday Oct 18th

59 Huessy --larceny from a car--change,insurance card,Tim Hortons gift card stolen.
1749 S Park--larceny--purse stolen.
33 Wheelock--larceny--suspect listed.
84 Zittle--larceny--suspect listed
123 Culver--larceny--telescope taken from the garage--suspect listed.
1608 S Park--crim mis--broken car window
80 Good--assault--warrant card issued.
A District--RUUV--3 arrests--Rocco Ballachino...Red Jacket Pkwy,Johnnie Small..Kosciusko st,Vickie Robinson..Kosciusko st.
Seneca/Babcock--1 arrest--Erica Sprandel...false impersonation.
61 Mineral springs--harassment--suspect listed.

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