Friday, March 18, 2011

The slide

What would happen at a normal workplace if employees were caught leaving work four hours early? If it was at my last job, they would have been immediately terminated. Acting on a tip, A Buffalo police detective showed up at 10:30PM to check on six police officers, whose shift was supposed to end at 2AM. None were there. And then you hear some talking about a shortage of manpower??? It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Mike BoyGeorge is working on it as we speak...

Four Central District police officers and two lieutenants were suspended Thursday pending formal internal disciplinary charges after they allegedly skipped out of work early Wednesday night, law enforcement sources revealed to The Buffalo News.

Authorities from the Buffalo Police Internal Affairs Unit led by Deputy Police Commissioner Byron C. Lockwood, acting on a tip, arrived at the Central District station in the Theater District at about 10:30 p. m. and found the six were not at work, the source said. Their shifts ended at 2 a. m.

It was determined they had left early in what is colloquially known in the department as a “slide” — when a supervising officer releases subordinates prior to the end of their shifts.

Police suspend 6 in internal probe - City of Buffalo - The Buffalo News

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