Sunday, March 20, 2011

St. Patrick's Day parade

I don't mind the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Many people go downtown to hang out with friends and family. People who like to drink have another excuse to do so. The young kids like all the excitement and goofiness of the whole event. My uncle, Tom Blake, was actually the Grand Marshall back in 2001.

What I can't stand are the people that want to be seen marching in the parade. Anyone living in South Buffalo knows a few of the people I'm talking about. The politicians and other Hollywood types. One of our ghost writers sent in this response to yesterday's parade post that I thought was very funny. I hope you do, too. I can admit when someone's a better writer than I...

Great comment! So true. The "look at me, I'm special and my family are important" crowd love these weeks in March. All the local politicians leave their winter retreats in Florida every year at this time, just so they can try and be more "Irish" than their opponents. Trouble is, most couldn't find Ireland on a map, and the real know-it-alls who think they can since they can speak a few lines of Gaelic, and because they send their daughter to "Irish dancing," wouldn't have a clue what real Irish people think. They should just call this time of the year--Shamrock Run Day to Parade Day--the dreadful two weeks you have to endure some of the biggest a-holes and most shallow phonies on the planet. Such a shame, because it seems like a fun time of the year everywhere else but here.

From what I hear, the parade got a little wild this year. As luck would have it, we have the footage...


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  1. Do any of these beautiful people "fortunate" enough to have been born into one of the so called "First Families of South Buffalo" really have a clue of what life is like 5 miles outside their zip code, much less in far away Ireland?

    I doubt it.

    These people can't even go on Spring Break to Florida without all renting condos on the same block of the same town. Even their summer cottages are all next to one another in only one of two places: Bay Beach or Hanford Bay.

    No, these insecure boneheads wouldn't dream of striking out and doing something on their own. Their daily lives are entirely guided for them and under the approval of some Democratic Party Zone Chairman sitting at the bar in Doc Sullivan's.

    The word "independent" is not in the South Buffalo political hack dictionary.