Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Buffalo school adminitrators caught double dipping

Last week, we found out the number of administrators for the Buffalo Public Schools has more than doubled since Superintendent James Williams became in charge. Now this. Several of these highly paid administrators have been padding their already ridiculous salaries with trainings under some stupid, unnecessary program called the Leadership Academy...

Several top-ranking Buffalo School District administrators, already earning some of the largest salaries in the system, also are getting $9,000 to $22,000 a year to train new principals and assistant principals, often on Saturdays.

Mark Frazier, whose title is lead community superintendent, was paid an extra $45,500 over two years — on top of his $134,000 annual salary — to run the district's Leadership Academy.

Deputy Superintendent Folasade Oladele was paid $19,000 over two years to teach in the academy, supplementing her $168,000 salary.

Frances Wilson, a community superintendent responsible for overseeing about one-third of the city's schools, received $19,000 over two years, in addition to her $121,160 salary.

These are only some of the suits mentioned by name. There were a total of 14 crooks taking extra pay at a time when teachers are being threatened with layoffs. These overpaid, greedy administrators should be forced to pay this money back or resign. They were getting paid twice for the same work! We are learning more and more every day regarding the corruption going on in the Buffalo Schools. Dr. Williams needs to demand this money be returned to the taxpayers or resign himself.


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