Sunday, March 13, 2011

Revenge of the Nerds

A man told the Indianapolis Star he was robbed of $400 by "two nerds" at a local strip club...

A 26-year-old strip club patron blames two nerds for robbing him of $400.

The victim told police "two nerdy looking guys" hit him on the head at 3 a.m. at Club Paradise, 5255 English Ave.

The victim said the men took $400 cash out of his pockets, according to an Indianapolis Metropolitan police report.

Strip club customer blames robbery on nerds | The Indianapolis Star |

Indianapolis police confiscated a pocket protector and a set of Dungeons and Dragons dice inadvertently left at the scene. They have two suspects in mind, but have not yet released their names to the public...

"Where are they?"

"I think they are talking about us."

"No way."


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