Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Buffalo News reduced to tattle tails

The Buffalo News' petty, unprofessional feud with developer Carl Paladino reached a new low today. The News is reporting that Paladino does not have a valid permit with the Thruway Authority for his billboard along the 190 South....

The billboard’s location within 660 feet of the Thruway requires a permit from the Thruway Authority that Paladino’s company has not obtained, according to Thruway Authority spokeswoman Betsy Feldstein.

“The sign you’re referring to is not currently permitted by the Thruway Authority,” she told The Buffalo News.

And this is newsworthy how? I can just see Donny Esmonde approaching Stanley Lipsey (because Esmonde strikes me as a whining pathetic tattle tail).

(Esmonde):"Mr Lipsey! I hear Paladino doesn't have a permit for that terrible billboard he put up near the Thruway! I think we should do a story about it and make him look bad!"

(Lipsey):"You know, little Buddy. That is a wonderful idea. Then, we can have it taken down and that evil man will go away forever, and we can get back to pushing our political agenda, without anyone questioning it. Donnie, you're a genius! Can you come into my office and rub my shoulders like you used to?"

(Esmonde): "Sorry Mr. Lipsey. Congressman Higgins asked me first! But I'll be back tomorrow."

The article then claims to know Paladino's reasons for putting up the billboard...

The billboard currently attacks The News with a sign that reads: “Spineless Stan Lipsey & The Buffalo News threw WNY under the bus.” Paladino posted the sign in December, angry that The News endorsed Andrew

M. Cuomo for governor instead of him and because the newspaper also accepted advertising on behalf of the Democratic candidate.

I don't think Paladino really cared that the News accepted advertising on behalf of Cuomo or that they endorsed him. In fact, many people in Western New York (including Paladino) considered the News' endorsement process a sham and the "kiss of death".
Perhaps Paladino was upset that the News wrote several unflattering stories about him, yet never mentioned Cuomo's controversial tenure at HUD or anything from Cuomo's highly suspect, personal life.

It's hilarious that the News is even spending one minute on the billboard. What's so funny, is that most citizens had forgotten about it. They drive by every day and it has become as familiar as a Cellino & Barnes ad. Now the News, with this childish and vindictive article, has succeeded in making the billboard a topic of conversation once again. Is Lipsey such an insecure wuss, that he even cares about something so trivial? Oh, no. I hope his feelings aren't hurt. Don't cry out loud, Stanley...


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