Monday, March 21, 2011

Attack of the 1st grader

One of Dr. Williams 563 Associate Superintendents is apparently unhappy with union president Phyllis Rumore's comments regarding the school 33 teacher attacked with a garbage can (by a 1st grader)...

Associate Superintendent Will Keresztes fired off a letter to union president Philip Rumore on Saturday, after Rumore told The Buffalo News that the child, depending on his age, should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

The student was 6 years old, Keresztes said.

“You purposefully did not disclose the age and grade of the student in order to better portray the student as a criminal,” Keresztes wrote. “The student was a first-grader with a disability.”

A teacher at School 33 Bilingual Center fell to the floor and was injured Friday after the special-education student picked up a trash can and threw it at her, The News reported.

When I covered the story last week, I thought the student was older. However, getting hit with a trash can will hurt, regardless of the thrower's age. The question I have is: If the student was just taken off a bus due to an outburst, why would the teacher turn her back on him? A good teacher always keeps their eyes on the students, especially those students prone to poor behavior. We actually have footage of the teacher after she was attacked by the 1st grader...

Official slams Rumore for assault comments - City & Region - The Buffalo News

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