Friday, March 11, 2011

New school in South Buffalo?

On the same day the Buffalo News revealed Dr. Williams' excessive $100,000 administrative club, it was also revealed that a new charter school is in the works for the South Buffalo/Lackawanna area. So when this school gets built and the Buffalo Public Schools lose more students, does that mean Dr. Williams will hire even more do-nothing administrators?...

Southwest Key Charter School,which would target students in South Buffalo and Lackawanna.

The project is driven by Juan J. Sanchez, the founder of Southwest Key Programs, Inc., a non-profit group serving youth in Texas for more than two decades. For 14 years, Southwest Key has been running Juvenile Justice Alternative Education Programs, alternative schools in Texas.

If Southwest Key Charter School is approved, the school would open with with 50 students each in kindergarten, first grade and sixth grade. By 2017-18, the school would serve 1,034 students in kindergarten through tenth grade. The school's founders hope to eventually expand it through twelfth grade.

The school would replicate the Yes Prep School model, a five-campus program in the Houston area. Key features: two hours of homework each night for middle and high school; one Saturday a month devoted to community service; a mandatory three-week summer session; and teachers who are on call for students on weekends and as late as 9 p.m. on weeknights.

Two hours of homework each night? Teachers on call for students on weekends? WTF! Sounds like Nazi Germany. If a student called me at 9PM on a Saturday, I'd tell them to go take a flying leap. What parent would let their son/daughter bother their teacher at night? Raise your own damn kids!


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