Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random thoughts from the ghetto-Volume 44


I look out my window and see the empty 40 oz beer bottles, hypodermic needles, crack pipes and abandoned shopping carts on my front lawn and begin to think. The end results have become known as my random thoughts from the ghetto...

-Out of the four girls' teams we have playing winter travel soccer, two have no losses and one has only one loss (after 10 games each). Life is good in the ghetto.

-I was watching a documentary on the hunt for bin Laden the other night. They said we had him pinned at the Battle of Tora Bora. A high level military guy said he wanted to send in thousands of US troops to capture him. Instead, the higher ups decided to use Pakistani and Afghan troops. In total, the man said only 60 US soldiers were sent out. I'll bet you someone is kicking themself over this one. Needless to say, bin Laden "escaped" over the mountains and into Pakistan. Afghan and Pakistani warlords are not known for their trustworthiness.

-If you're a man under 50 and you were deeply upset over the death of Liz Taylor, chances are you are really into fashion.

- One of the funniest things I ever witnessed was a Bingo game at the American Legion Post #64. It was the last game (the cover all). A woman won $100 and everyone began scrambling for the exits. When they were checking her numbers, apparently one hadn't been called. It was not a "good bingo". You should have seen these old ladies and men with walkers knocking each other over to get back to their seats. Total chaos. It was like a football game ending on a defensive penalty, and the referees had to bring all the players back onto the field from the locker room. Someone else won on the next number, I heard a half dozen old ladies use profanity, and the mass exodus began once again.

-I wonder what Lance Ito is up to these days?

-I only have 22 channels so I watch a great deal of documentaries on my computer at night. I was watching ESPN's 30 in 30 on the murder of Columbian soccer player Andres Escobar after the 1994 World Cup. Escobar had scored an own goal (he deflected a pass into his own net) against the US, causing the Columbians to be eliminated from the tournament. Own goals are not that uncommon. The game at that level is so fast. If he hadn't been tracking back as hard as he was, an American forward would have probably had a great scoring opportunity anyway. The judge sentenced his killer to 43 years in prison. He was released after 11 years. I take it the judge wasn't too happy with the outcome of the match, either.

-I read where New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg rides the subway every morning so he can be like his fellow New Yorkers. Maybe, we'll get lucky and someone will push him into one of the trains.

-One of the motors on my car windows broke last week, preventing it from going up, so I had to tape a plastic cover in it's place. I had three people ask me if one of my readers threw a rock at the window because of this blog. The price of fame?????

-That's all I got this week. I'll leave you with a scene from the movie Taxi Driver. Most people have seen DeNiro's famous "You talkin' to me?" scene. This is a scene where DeNiro's character (Travis Bickle) is becoming unhinged. He realizes he is about to lose it, so he seeks advice from a veteran cabbie known as "the wizard". "That's about the dumbest thing I ever heard." "Relax, killer. You're going to be alright." Martin Scorcesse is a genius...

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