Thursday, March 3, 2011

Goodnight Dr. Williams. It's time to go.

Buffalo Superintendent Dr. James Williams tells channel 2's Josh Boose he would resign before taking a pay cut "down" to $175,000/year. Governor Cuomo (ugh! I don't even like saying that) has proposed capping every district superintendent's salary at $175,000. The noise you hear is the collective sound of students, teachers, parents, and community leaders holding the door for him...

I love the part in this clip where Ralph Pornandez says he's "not sure" whether we can hire someone competent for $175,000. I know it's such a paltry number to lead the school district in Amherst's largest suburb. There are so many high paying private sector jobs around here. Why would anyone even apply for such a minimum wage position? Go back to viewing porn on your district issued laptop, Ralphie.

Wasn't it Jack Coyle who was once quoted in the Buffalo News as saying Williams was "a great hire?" Yeah, right. Dr. Williams, residency violator James Kane, and the rest of the senior administrative staff of the Buffalo Public Schools need to go. They've proven to be nothing but failures when it comes to improving the schools. The schools are in utter chaos and teachers and parents see it every day. You had a chance to hire a good teacher, but you chose to pass him over. Now, he's ordering you and Kano to leave city hall and go work at Burger King. It's time for all the people I mentioned (who we all know were only hired because of their family's political connections) to step down. Just like Gaddafi, the community has suffered long enough under your reign of incompetence. Don't threaten to leave. Do it! Good night, sweetheart. The Blogger is telling you it's time to go...

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