Sunday, March 6, 2011

Ok. I guess we're playing for keeps now

There have been lots of rumors floating around about Buffalo mayor Byron Brown in the last few weeks. Nobody likes rumors (except me, of course). One has him leaving city hall for a job with the Andrew Cuomo administration. Hey, Albany's loss could be our loss too. Here's to hoping that one's true. Is there an opening for New York State Commissioner of Empty Suits?

Perhaps the strangest one I'm hearing is that Brown is about to be indicted. I don't think this ones true. To be indicted, you have to be involved with something nefarious. To be involved with something nefarious, you actually have to do something besides show up at ribbing cutting ceremonies. Brown hasn't done anything for six years. Why would he start now?

The third rumor I'm hearing is that Brown likes to wear women's lingerie under his empty suits.
Ok, I made that one up, and it's not true. At least, it has not been confirmed yet.

On a side note, I was down by the docks yesterday and an insider told me mayor Brown has been asking people around city hall, "Who is this Mike Blake?" I have to admit I laughed when I heard this. Why would he want to know who I am, when he doesn't even consider South Buffalo to be part of his district? Keep asking, mayor Brown. Most of those people you know in city hall aren't representative of the thousands of everyday South Buffalo residents I do know. The only people you know from South Buffalo are the Comerfords, the Lewis', the Mckinley Circle Lady, etc. (Derelicts who fawn all over you to get favors for their families.) The only people they know are the other South Buffalo political hacks with little or no self-esteem. I know more people than all those slackers combined and based on my latest numbers, many appear to be reading my words.

"When I have been pushed, I think it's about time that someone teach these varmints a little lesson about morality, and what it's like to be a decent, upstanding member of a society!" Carl Spackler-Caddyshack


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